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It Seems To Me
Evolution unfolds history as economics forms cultural nutrition values. Just as currency only carries values we supply as a society of economists, so my own paltry sums can only carry those values I am willing to re-invest in us, together more than apart. Money does not grow out of some distant Orthodox investment value tree, We invest our money, like our time, in our values, and/or disvalues. Cash is our economic cart, while our cultural health is our investment horsepower. Our wealth values are subjects of economic life, as integrative investments are objects, objectives, tipping toward outcomes, purposes, meaningful as ecological life in healthy time, justice-right space in timeless restoring peace and justice, as actively invested eco-climaxing love. Our "need" values are negatively synaptic-- lots of quick revolution horsepower, as our want values are positively aptic, sustainable, maintainable, optimal composting economic evolution norms and naturally healthy assumptions of synergetic ecological exegesis, like the stress of rapid spring sacred growth must separate winter's decompositional eco-gratitude from summer's regenerous amplitude. We need to not be hated and hateful marginalized or marginalizing others. We need to be loved as victim-lovers of all nature, including humane nature. We would like to not be neglected and ignored, the subject of our own criminalizing self-ridicule. We would like to be met with gratitude and healthy robust trust and non-violence and willingness to invest in mutually cooperative values. We invest in ecological cooperation more gracefully knowing our future time is intrinsically co-redemptive, regenerative, through our synergetic praxis, cooperative self and other love as gift-it-forward investments from Elder generations, passing through our positive co-arising intent, to redeem our future history of regenerators. Ecojustice yang horsepower races genetically bionic Eco-Logic's YinYin Cart, just as ecological values and disvalues empower global Yang to drive our co-arising economic cart of wealth deposits with empoverishing loss and health risk, currency as energy flow and constipation, and nutritional functions of co-redemptive compost. Ecological karma predicts economic grace, or not so much risk and loss of face. A regeneratively optimizing ecosystem presupposes a redemptively cooperative economy. A degenerative sub-optimizing eco-stressed culture, ecological thoughtlessness, lack of comprehensive consciousness, grows mental and physical illness, chronic cognitive dissonance, inclusive affective autism, aggressive dispossession, flat-line economic entropy with high risks of wilting consumers and producers, overly-deductive decomposers extinguishing richly effective pollinators. It seems to me that ecological trends predict an economic trickle up against co-gravitation theory, disempowerment and disinvestment away from synergetic nature-spirit systems, distance from once beloved climax community of and for nutritional development will continue leading toward our demise, until this unraveling ecosystem reconnects balancing tipping points and wu-wei principle for reweaving (0)-sum WinWin ecojustice. An EarthTribe platform of Earth Rights, for Self as Earth-holonic, as for Other, as for all Earth's triumphal eco-justice logical future.
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