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My Friend the Wise Doctor
Eu-e, Eu-e-e, Eu-e, Bucky Fuller Big Bang. U-C, U-C-A-G, U-C, ribonucleic acid. Yang-Yin, Yang-Yin-Yin, Yang-Yin Bucky Fuller Big Brain My Friend Bucky Fuller came down to me today. He said, "Lao-tse's Time grows not-not binomial radiates fore and gravitates aft Space and Time poetry as rhyme Convex and Concave!" My Friend Rumi Gloomy said to me today, "When you are perpetually yearning and searching for Health's Holonic Spirit, you will, in time, conquer all obstacles." Lao-tse responded, "When you are perpetually yearning and contentedly searching for Nature, you will, in time, conquer all dissonance and unbalanced issues, suffering bicameral cognitive irrationality." My Friend Bucky Lao-tse, enjoyed laughing to himself about this racey quality of Time: When the highest type of Nature hears Time, Becoming co-arises in confluence with it, When mediocre Nature hears Time, Being grows coincidentally aware and yet unaware of Becoming Time. When negative Lose-Losers hear Time, Decomposition breaks into double-negative ecological ambivalence-- If Time were not bi-humorously coincidental, it could not revolve self-inevitably with coincidental biometric binary Time-linear strings of Languaged Polyculture. Therefore we re-establish logos: "Who understands Time seems dull of comprehending Yang OVER Yin-Yin Balance; Who is wiser with Time will seem to slip while refining Tipping Point wu-wei discernment, and dia-metrics and bio-metrics as geo-metric primal; Who redeems Time seems to travel forward and backward across bi-linear (0) Core Information Metric Webs and Reverse-Hierarchical Co-Redemptive Trees of Life. Superior character appears like a hollow Negative Yin function as Sheer white appears bleached; Great logic and justice appear insufficient with (-),( ); Fractal RNA linear function appears (-),(-) double-bound ambiguity entropic full-Yinned; Pure value appears like decompositional double-Yin-Yin. Great space has no absence of Convex Yang; Great virtue takes long to mature; Yang Full-Left deductive, swinging transmillennially revolutioning back toward future Yang/Yin L/Right S/Response subject/objective Bicameral Balancing Wisdom. Great octave harmony can be faintly heard when subtly, implicately played Win-Win ecologically; Self-Optimizing and Sustaining Form has no contour; because optimized (0) dialectical function emerges fully contoured fractal and dimensional as 4-Prime Linear; And Time hides within a +Polynomial dimensional name. It is this Time that is adept at lending both midway power and economic value toward becoming primal fulfillment. New elliptical rings of energy evolve from inside out, so inside Bosonic ring of time emerges square root fractally, Zero-Core Strictured staged unfolding revolving. Time can only push out convex, 4-dimensionally and seasonally smooth-structured, coincident concaving past with future rings of octave function. Each prime ringing Eulerian function, predicts and predicates, enthymematically implicates a dia-cycle earlier, whether that be a moment or a year, or a day, or some transactional prime relationship objectively and naturally economized in between; Time's prior seasonal "moment" of bio-metrically calculable DNA-encoded time. My friend the Wise Doctor told me what to say, Bucky said, Time's dimension emerges coincidentally, both subjectively shy of consciousness as virginal fertility, and objectively ecological potential information, rationally and primally bilinear, with (+) radiating in forward-Yang perspective, while (-),(-) bi-linearly mutually decompositional, within metaphysical-only time, Bohm's implicating reverse-temporal order, and recomposes within each moment of spacetime, as +/(-)0 = c-squared = Eulerian prime function = Positive Polynomial binary information = (-),(-)Polynomial bio-normic regenerative double-elliptical smooth-structured PositiveVector-Yang OVER NegativeVortex-Yin-Yin, Constant Temporal Tao dual-dark Twoness, with square root of +/(-)0-dimensional Prime Fractal. Please confirm this hypothetical as True, that Hydrogen's "1" is also a fractally balanced 4-dimensional torus-shaping dynamic of temporal self-perpetuating Bosonic composite of Elements 117+118+119+120, just as RNA is composed Midway balancing U+C+A+G. In this way, perhaps, we might bring our Universal Atomic-ionic and Thermodynamic-ergodic theories of bi-linear Time with 3-dimensional Space into a c-squared + c-squared + c-squared trinitarian synergy of equivalence to Mass-cubed, and P = NP as +1/(-),(-)0binary Tao Balancing this Tree of Life's Uniting Wisdom Time. Ecological Language strings our Win-Win Game teleological strategy and song, logistics, economics, and Zero-Soul bicameral Theorem using bio-metric DNA double-smooth structured elliptical prime boundary-structure, with Permaculture Design's RNA-rooted Climax Community. All this, running on to tell our Great Transitional Understory of Religion and Natural Reason's Beloved Wise-Discernment Community. Yin-Yang wu-wei Big Bang... co-arising nonduality Concave within Con-Vexed.
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