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Peace Rings True
Speak gently when you offer criticism, but don't be so soft as to sacrifice the truth. Rumi (M. Mafi, trans) Speak gently when you offer your truth, when you confront violence and dissonance, about your own egocentric merits and demerits, but don't be so soft as to sacrifice your contented confluence, your exegetical Orthodoxy. Speak gently, wrestle with and not against, when you confront dissonant overheated evils, economic injustices, ecological toxins, and remain just flexible enough to foregive the absence of absolute truth in this HereNow moment, about our ecocentric merits and demerits of non-violence, lust for, and addiction to love and active peace with EcoJustice. Gently root for underdog, understory, parasites as active self-appointed Hosts sharing Earth's vast Tree of Life. We each and all play parasite and Host economies, hunters sometimes hunted, lovers warm toward becoming Beloved, hunted sometimes hunters, fear hunts fear of hunger thirsts for enough to recontent polycultural simplicity, just-right enough in balanced EcoJustice. We each incarnate both cooperative ecologic and competitive ego-normic. We play our strategic games more sustainably and wisely as we comprehend underdog parasites are also benign Host potential, both Yin and Yang within a self-regenerative Tao Community balancing EarthTribe Ways, more joyfully greeting, meeting, and getting through each day. Hosting optimal regenerative spaces for ecological cooperative economic choice making is a wise, and strikingly shamanic, natural systemic vocation. Eco-facilitation mentors normative logical orthopraxis with optimizing continuously quality improving performance, meeting design and Original Positive Teleological Intent. EcoTherapy mentors slowing down our aspiring Ego heartbeats while optimally filling our lungs and minds with each Other, rather than getting all Yanged up, with a lot of shallow, unmindful breathing, thinking, and talking without sufficient feeling, as the sea through which we all fly together. sensory-deductive EcoJustice. Weapons of Evil as Teachers of Right-brained Good Of all things, weapons are instruments of evil, of hate. Therefore the polycultural person, possessed of Tao's (0) Core Logos, avoids violent tools of anger and enslavement and hate. Polycultural Communities and Persons favor scientific logos, Yang mutually active peace and care-giving protection within domestic life, But, within undomesticated infractive occasions favors Right-brained mythic Yin mutual accommodation, nurturing non-violent intent and assumptions of equivalent response, redemptive fore-giveness to meet Challenger half way, as Other understands their needs at this time. Predators are weapons of monocultures. They are not the tools for polycultural sustainability. When the use of predators cannot be helped, The best policy is calm restraint, minimal dissonant response frequencies and functions. To fore-bare arms evolves proactive peacemaking. To remain calm revolves maintainable contentment. Even in victory, there is no boasting, And who boasts of short-term Win-Lose outcomes Is one who delights in violence, unnecessarily lodges, enstates, restates negative karmic dissonance. Delight in EcoPathology cannot achieve diastated EcoJustice power. Intuited good, true, beauty favors Left-brain reception. Dissonance, violence, evil favor Right-brain dissonant appositional feeling. Our Ego stands on the Left's sensory input loop, Our SuperEco stands in the Right's Elder Memory processor space. That is to say, Elder Right celebrates Dying-Life Rites of Passage. Speak gently Left toward Rites Passage but don't be so Left-brained soft that EcoJustice cannot find you, and yours, and all EarthTribe within each HereNow Beloved Community Event.
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