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Fuller Ironic Future
Your true self is intelligence and the rest of you, only appearance, don't lose sight of your true self, don't waste your time chasing trivial yet unobtainable goals. Rumi (M Mafi, trans) Physical is always special case. Energy is physical and always special case. Information is always special case. Energy is information: information is energy co-arising. Special case is always realized by its co-gravitational energetic information. Dimension is unique frequency information. Time incrementation is special case information. Concept is general [qualitative function]: in-formation is quantitative (special case). Buckminster Fuller, 1979, 1075.12, p. 446. No one of us and all of us together, believe in optimal intelligence, information, integrity within ourselves, our families, our Earth, our God, with coincidental absence of any intelligence, information, integrity, wisdom, power, presence among, without, in Special Case Physical Universe. Warnings Against the Use of Force predict Warnings Advocating the Use of Tao-Balance as active peace natural Special Case information natural systemic integrity ionic energy and ergodic reiterate intelligence, eco-consciousness. Those investing Tao teleology to help deploy power within Earth's Tribes and Trees, Oppose conquest by force of arms, oppose violence as over-reactive conquest to control behavior, to generate sustainable compliance. For violence is wont to rebound. Where competitors organize, thorns and brambles, chaotic entropic evils and sins grow their hubris-decadent flowers. The raising of a great Win-Lose Gaming Strategy Yin follows with a karmic balance of overly-satiated dearth, depressing, oppressing, suppressing living dying, not fully alive Special Case. Therefore Wisdom, Intelligence, Information, Integrity effect their harmonic eco-logical purpose, then stop with Midway Balance. Special Case Logicians dare not react with power-over reductive arms; Integrity effects synergetic meaning, and does not over-knot EcoUnity; Intelligence effects spacetime general-Commons binomial relationship, negentropically prime balance is universally implied by double-negative equals positive, and by avoiding too labyrinthine esoterics, mid-metamorphic polypathicism; Information effects positive meaning, comprehension, co-consciousness, and bows humbly toward double-binding negentropic Yin double-negative original intents and coincidental purposes. Special Case Wisdom affects, effects, causes, infects regrettably responsive defense, without remainder. End of sentence. Followed by fore-givenness, forebearance, reconciliation, regeneration of prime confluent relationship co-active peace excluding only cognitive dissonance. Eco-logic grows eco-centered ecojustice naturally cooperative systems, so cannot love violence. For Special Case integrated organic systems climatically age when over-extended past Primal (0) Tao Balance. Egocentric EcoPOLYPATHOLOGY deductively-evolves backward in time toward proactive competitive Win-Lose conquest; the absolute spectral opposite of non-violent Win-Win orthopraxis, where "Win" remains constantly drawn across each binomial appositional logically-balancing position. EcoPathology evolves violently against Special Case Information Zero-Centric Taoism. EcoPathologists mentor short-lived evolutionary strings of dysfunctionally negative competitively hoarding Left-brain dominant behavior. If Universal Intelligent Intent is not yet commonplace understanding, then our cooperative ecotherapeutic practice cannot yet result in a sustained Beloved Special Case Physical Universe. Our lack of Universal Integrity and Wisdom practice is our most efficient, tough-love, Teacher of bicameral Right-Left hemispheric balanced Information Systems. Short-sightedness, small-mindedness, poorly-sited natural resources, reverse-recited ecologic, evolving backward toward spring, then winter's advent forward from root toward branch toward flowering seed toward prime rootedness again; discarding pretensions of ego and eco as not eternally evolving MIDWAY interdependent Integrity, TrimTab Tipping-Pointed Wu-Wei Win-Win Tao's Group (0)-soul Theorem. Prehensile pain and dissonant loss and blindness cause short-sighted, all too frequently recited, rehearsed, retold repeated suffering mini-death crying for new birth disinvested of misconceptions about thrival of the fitiningest, positive deviance of Basic Attendance to and with co-mentors. Wrestling with God, abundantly yielding great polypathic exercise, misses opportunities to wrestle with God, to wrestle with wisdom within ourselves, to wrestle with each Other, with cooperative eco-centric Win-Win Original Intent, to wrestle with God of Universal Wisdom. Only violent assumptions wrestle against, while double-negative balancing cooperative ecosystemic assumptions wrestle with commonly-held distortions, side-by-side global EarthTribe solidarity, each challenge shared toward Future's self-regenerative polyculturally dynamic information. Physical Universal Wisdom wrestling with dissonant frequencies revolving contortions, resolving contentions, eco-justicing ecotherapy toward optimally responsible balance and those yinyin harmonic octave functions and frequencies with prime-fractal forms of time and memory encoded bi-nucleic acids. Transitionally Shifting Regeneration toward active-peaceful contentment, a more democratically accessible absence of irrational political confusion, less suffering short-fall of well-being outcomes thru Universal Intelligence --Just the Right amount of reconnected pain and ego-loss for neither Right nor Left of (0) Tao Center regenerative eco-redemptive birth of EarthTribe comprehensive multisystemic bi-arising consciousness. EarthTribe exegetes live Wisdom and the rest of anthro-centric Us, only appearance. Permacultural Truth, don't waste time haunted by trivial ego- anthro-centric dissonance with unsustainable sub-optimizing Win-Lose outcomes.
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