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Once Upon Time
Once within eternal time of pre-bicameral lack of language, and imaginative recreation, I recall breathing in my Lover's richly hued nutrition, and my Lover inhaling mine, purging Elder lungs of misperceptions that I owned Her any more or less than she wanted me. We owned this natural dialectic breath together, co-arising back and forth, in and out. It could not yet occur to me that I might one day purchase or sell what owned me at least as much as I owned Her. She felt so omnipresently all-powerfully self-optimizingly Present toward me. To imagine owning her would be like my benignly intended parasitic self attempting to own or purchase or redeem my Host; only synergetic consciousness could prevent this image from growing anthropocentric hubris. This shared stewardship assumption of shamanic Elder past gave way to defense of ownership, with breathing in as predative, and breathing out as prey, predict-active and pray-passive, as original sin of economic shortages were born of anthro-centric perception: There's just not enough for all. Now we begin to teach our kids to consume and produce, decompose logical assumptions to regenerate ecological conclusions, Earth-sustaining sufficiency, stay focused on breathing in and out with more comprehensive compassion and equanimity, cooperative ecotherapeutic praxis following our collective ecojustice inhale. Then our kids reminded us of how it feels to lack space of place to evolve more polyculturally midst all the weedpatch of dislogical value hoarded riches and lack of wisdom, overly-commodified competing misunderstandings of how to sync what we breath in with how we would love to be breathed out, again. This TransUniverse Regeneration of balancing bicameral breath, both Yang-in and Yin-out, wanders and fears owning real estates, real de-natured order of any kind, as egocentric breathing entities, corporations, nations, tribes, persons; while wondrously and synergetically claiming Prime Relationship of Sun God Progenitive Yang Energy and Mother Earth's Regenerative Yin self-gravitating Mass, our liturgy of octave dance and song. permaculturating prance of Omni-Ec(O)mega Point incarnating collective breathing in what EarthTribe has blown out. Upon this TransMillennial Tipping Point, we breath in prehension of OutsideYang's ecologic but retain IdEntity of InsideYin regenerative economy becoming wise discernment of all RNA's EarthTribe. Sharing confederates of this world, Human Nature redeems what has appeared cut up, removed and reified, And revolutions again toward now bicamerally re-balancing innocence as eco-sense of mortal double-binding time. Emerging conscious comprehension of binomially balanced light, yet absorbing binary double-negative Dark Night becomes our Midway Model of all ReGenerate Systems. Being balancing principle for all EarthTribe, we grow eternal power to predict polynomially positive prime principle inhales, And exhales Prime (0)-Nomial of double negative polynomials, again. Wanting ubiquitous honor and glory OmniEco core identity remains nocturnally obscure remains cooperative fertile valley Tipping Point of EarthTribe's camouflaged Omega Time. Being as EarthTribe's OmniPresent Time, Becoming eternal wisdom power to discern what sustainably suffices, To revolve nature's bicameral integrity of OmniEc(0)mega Point, again. Deductive breaking up of natural systems Humane systems design and shape biosystemic wellness strategies and tools for binary-bicameral discernment. In the hands of Laws and Policy, ecotherapy becomes ecojustice, if and when, we cease to sever what Earth breaths in from universally intelligent in-formation we breath out, with OmniPolyculturating Universe-Self-Optimizing Original Teleological Intent. But, this too remains Once within eternal time of re-bicameral decomposing language, and this is TransMillennial Tao Here and Now Yang with Yin Out with In, Breathing Out with Breathing In, ReGenerate, Again.
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