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Light on the Devil's Chord - Day 3
They say the one you think of last before sleep, Is the one you care for the most— the one you wish to hold, admire, love… The two of us…beings of bravery, Had labored all the night, In harmonies livid, longing and bright… In music so construed in golden blues… A masterful melancholy in strange, light-stricken hues He boldly slept, in heavy breath As I dozed into the deafness of the demons’ wrath I awoke, unaware of the time at hand, As he lay there close beside me, cradled in a beat… I sensed morning’s marvel, thought the darkness crept Leaving me in a sinking feeling as our Prince vainly slept And there, with the drumming of his pulse, I began my morning song of Time, “Oh, how alive she dares to smile, In the crisp cradles of first thought Time, with surging love for the dancing dial, Melts our sleeper from the wars he fought I tame her humbly in darkness doomed, For I know the Lord shuns worry of loss Unlimited life, craftily bloomed, I dare paths to narrow, and I dare him to cross Oh, how in sleep he refuses these dreams, Of Time’s immense mercy and strength How his eyes rest, in nightmarish filth it seems, Tossing in pride, and I in faith He lifts Time’s feathered mess In an embrace he calls his own consolation In his deranged, dreadful wilderness, She waits in ardent resurrection…” He began to groan in his sleep, Tossing and turning… His lids lifted, though his eyes were trapped In a dream so unnerving and unwavering I could do nothing but sing again… “Wake up in the comfort of company As she gathers the feathers you lift, I will see too that she is smiling In the morning mist of bliss Let the veils of night terror arise So I may see the life in your eyes As the lizard on the rock bathes in warmth, I suffer with you, saturating cold Time offers space between, As the trees in winter soon return to green…” He was awake, though grimacing Angered by my gentle push Pissed that I sat there before him No longer trapped in his soot… “Time, time, time… You’ve bored me in your rhyme, rhyme, rhyme- Witness wretched reality, sweetheart divine- Then we can talk about the slut you call Time! Bitching and raving how she has bludgeoned all these men, With the sweep of her arms, she crushes all condemned She mocks me now, after screwing me naughty Her feathers scattered across my body I curse every morning I see her face I love how she beats me, and then demands embrace I hate her, woman, as I hate you I lift her to throw her down, As the cockcrows coo… I am in Time, over Time, beyond Time Cross in her spirit—frail in her rhyme If your Lord has taken anxiety from your heart, Have him take your innocence—now that is her art!” He laughed, cackling loudly, And the demons chiseled, The soot on the ground grew hot and sizzled My lips moistened with tears… “I thought about how strangely you slept, Even in your bitterness for dwindling Time… In our last notes before drifting, I thought of you, And all the days we have left I want you to know my light is kind, And we can all learn in the rhythm of Time She is very sensitive, She weeps at every loss, Though secretly, though in day she boldly stands At night she lets down her hair and grieves demands For not everyone can she save, Truth it be, she has saved no one But has inspired men to the end… No one knows Time better than God And yes, you too must know her well, She labors as we sleep Though she would be hesitant to tell… She destroys…though inward she heals She sees potential, though leaves the action To the one who truly feels…” “Stop singing in riddles and nonsense…” He sputtered “If sleep is so important to you, Why do you force me awake?” He sat up, quaking, his anger loud I shuttered in his presence, looking down “Just… sing with me…..” And we sang… “She is cruel, She is patient, Living in darkness and in light, I rest her in my trust, And I in my ceaseless bite I lull her, I seduce her, She calls me, I answer: Time, do not forsake me now… Let our thoughts nestle in each other’s company With the clocks that capture us…” At the tipping of Death’s dark chimes, The Devil’s mouth salivated in restful rage
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