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Evaluating Value
In what ways have nutritional and health and financial and well-being values increased over past time, whether a quarter, or a year, or a decade, or a lifetime, or a millennium, and in what ways have toxic dissonant disvalues and decaying trends ebbed and flowed? Where exactly? For whom and not for whom? How, when, and where have we reduced and increased both short-term and long-term economic ecological risk? Why do you think so, or not? Do you use as evidence your own lungs and heart, eyes and ears and feelings? And perhaps those of your family and friends, your local community? How about your country of origin? What about as a humane race toward Earth's Climax Global Tribe? How is the larger DNA-regenerative fueled branch of Earth's Tree of Life coming along right now as compared to when trees were the most intelligent life-formed diametric hierarchy? And then there is the trunk and root system of our entire polycultured and permaculturing RNA-regenesis clan, fractalling and crystalling and octaving, folding and unfolding functions, radically revolving and stealthily evolving. Who is vulnerable enough right now to truthfully teach us what they need, who they need us to be for them? Who is brave enough to listen? How are we doing with our shared translation project, syncing Eastern economies of karmic gratitude, coincidental transactions of mutually bowing equivalence, with Western stumbling incarnation of more actively graceful ecologic? Some might even say...athletic Herculean powerful birthing pains, inviting yin's silent synergetic wisdom to complement our yangish left-brained deductive languaged metric rhythmed heart-beat blood-flow ways of reaching right's proportionally loving order; intuited decoding and recoding DNA/RNA functions and binomial frequencies of octaved ancient information systems, shared with all our shamans and messiahs, prophets and polypaths, nurturers and regenerators, producers and consumers. How is our New Millennium mission to love all others all species, all space and time incarnations and coincidental potentialities as interdependent with ourselves, to bring synergetic revolutions to this nagging competition between eco-normic transactions and permacultural relationships for growing ecologic values? Have we developed our prototype for incubating cooperative deep and wide ecological proposals regeneratively designed to sync with global information networks evolving cordless stringed formation, we are what we absorb, we are not what we dissonate? How are we doing with combining our nutrient-value starved voices, with chronically cash-starved voices, performing our permaculture opera for philanthropists and investors and policy makers, butchers and weapons bakers and candlestick shakers, kings and queens and fools, knights and damsels distressed about each other, each inviting mentors walking their walk, while shunning alien teachers, optimizing ecological balance by minimizing long-term life-investment risk? Open system radiant energy confidently absorbs what gravity decomposes, waiting for adventure, evolving toward diastatic light regeneration. Deduce from past solar systemic orthopraxis what we induct from future's optimizing intent. Invest cooperatively in eco-confluent coincidence, to divest of competitive ego-cognitive dissonance. As before, so after, as without, so within.
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