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The Good Girl
The Good Girl Penny has always been a good girl, now she is a good wife. She lives in a good neighborhood, drives a nice car, has two perfect children. Her husband is a doctor and to top it off he is very good looking. Her friends think she has the perfect life and, yet she feels a hunger inside. Steven is a man of structure, everything has a time and place. He's the kind of man who folds his underwear. His appearance is immaculate in fact he even presses his jeans. He approaches his love making with a similar precision removing perfectly pressed pajamas folding them and putting them at the foot of the bed and then goes under the covers. She being a good Catholic wife she turns off the lights, undresses and gets into bed beside him. He fondles her breasts for a few moments and then gets on top of her for the Missionary express. The express train never seems to go past the three-minute mark. He then rolls over and exactly two minutes later he is fast asleep. At that point she takes things into her own hands. In the morning after Steven has left for work she showers, the warm water nourishes her hunger. She removes the shower head and adjusts it to pulsating! She places it between her legs and Ironically in three minutes she arrives where her husband has never taken her. A moan escapes her lips as she feels her release, yet she stifles it so her children won't hear, after all she is a good girl and good girls don't do such things. She gets out of the shower and wipes the steam from the mirror with her towel. There she stands in front of the mirror looking at her naked form. Blonde with pretty blue eyes, the proof of her hair color is down below. She gazes at her breasts, lifts them slightly and smiles, gravity has not been too unkind. Her skin is bronzed from her tanning sessions and she has a perfectly sculpted abdomen from her hours at the gym, still she feels somehow that she doesn't measure up, not tall enough and she wonders if her boobs are on the small side. She thinks back to when She was a "Saint Mary's" girl. Mom and dad didn't want her to be distracted by boys, so they sent her to Catholic school. She wonders if this is where the hunger first began. Her friend Becky had brought a Play Girl magazine to school and together they had flipped through the pages. They had giggled as they viewed the pictures. She had seen her brother's thing once when she had walked in on him peeing, but it was nothing like what was in the pictures. She had found the pictures both gross and exciting at the same time. She remembered the warm dampness in her hello kitty panties. She had felt so guilty but in some way also awakened to another more primal part of herself. Confession was much more interesting that week. She was brought back to the present by the sound of one of her kids slamming their bathroom door. She promptly gets dressed and goes down stairs to prepare them breakfast. One egg each sunny side up with a side of whole wheat toast and a sliced banana. She pours a glass of milk for each of them and calls them down to breakfast. They both come running into the kitchen with backpacks in hand, give her a kiss and eat their breakfast. Her son Jessie has blonde hair and blue eyes just like her and their daughter takes more after her dad with chestnut hair but with exotic green eyes. Time passes quickly and it's time to drive them to school. She drops them off to school, kisses her daughter goodbye but refrains from kissing her son, he is embarrassed by public displays of affection. Instead she smiles and wishes them both a good day. As she pulls away her mind goes back to Catholic School, she had a teacher Mr. Connolly, he had dark hair with dramatic piercing eyes. She liked the look of his sculpted body and imagined he possessed the attributes of the men in Becky's magazine. At night she would think about him when she was alone in her room. As she would touch herself she would feel this delightful tingling in the soles of her feet. She would stop herself because she was a good girl and good girls didn't do such things. She pulls into her driveway with her hunger radiating from the center of her. Running up the stairs she goes to her bedroom and searches for her school uniform. She finds it neatly stored away in a bottom drawer, tartan skirt, white blouse bobby socks and a pair of burgundy loafers with two tarnished pennies. She undresses including her bra and panties. She proceeds to put on the blouse, the stiff fabric rubs against her nipples sending a wave of pleasure through her body. She wraps the tartan skirt around her waist and enjoys the feel of the wool skirt as it caresses her naked bottom. She then puts on her bobby socks and penny loafers. As she looks in the mirror she knows her hunger will be satisfied, I guess in the end she turned out to be a "Bad Penny!"
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