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Zombie The Musical
The town was all a flutter; Zombie the Musical, was coming to town. We all signed up as extras… Yes, as Zombies… here we did come. Bruce Willis was the hero, with the Mad Scientist Z, for all to blame. Dragon wanted to be the hero, but became the Evil Z. OH! Poor Thing! His penguins, the perfect zombies, chased across the screen, so berserk! The director wanted his zombies to twitch, but all thought he said, twerk! Someone turned on ‘Thriller’, and amid the music, things began to work. The penguins were endearing, as they stole the show. Wouldn’t you know! As they did the: step left, step right, Shuffle, shuffle, twerk, twerk, twerk! Dragon flew on the set, but things got wonky, as the set, in flames, went up. He crash-landed in the fire works, which scaring most the towns’ zombies off. All was meant to be dark and scary, but naturally that came out, sooo wrong. The witches decided to dig up zombies, for the flash mob scene, to work. The new zombies, did their own thing, chasing more town zombies away. The witches got them from the cemetery, not telling those alive, today. Bruce Willis, by now, was really banged up, as he fought the zombies off. Everyone knew something was so wrong when one bit Dragon in the butt. Thank goodness that fricasseed Zombie, couldn’t bite thru Dragons Scales. Well, everyone made a run for it…as the penguins steadfastly twerked on… At this time, some say, the director was straight out seen, pulling out his hair. He was yelling: Dumb Zombies need a brain! & They’d head to the cemetery… If ‘they only had a brain!’ So someone added the song ‘If I only had a Brain’. The director wanted Die Hard, but got ‘Die Hard without a Brain’. Yeah, Way! Tho some would simply end up calling it, ‘Die Hard to Twerk another Day’. The director decided: if he couldn’t beat them, join them. Yes, he surely did! With the ending credits Dragon twerked. Groan! For shame! Nobody Look! That’s when Bruce Willis called Chuck Norris to help round the Zombies up! The Zombies wouldn’t take their cues! Well, not, until, it was time to Twerk! Then they all just joined in, as apparently a real Zombie…Can Indeed Twerk! They were all, finally sent home, with smiles upon their face. Uh... we think! The witches put them back, by order of Chuck Norris, in any case! It’s True! For a witch can mess with a director, but No One messes with Chuck Norris! What! You knew? And the after show party, with Chuck Norris, had such flair! He even ask Dragon for an autograph… Now, Dragon’s head is in the air! And Note: Not a single Zombie was hurt in the making of this musical… Though, many a one, did fall down, when Dragon flapped his wings. The fricasseed Zombie liked his suntan and new hair style, it seems! Written By Carol Eastman 1-22-2015
Copyright © 2021 Carol Eastman. All Rights Reserved