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To Dance With Mary Jane
I never got to dance with Mary Jane although I heard she sure knows how to swing! She has a twin, and he is masculine; he doesn’t have his sister’s magic powers, her mystic way of calming people down or bringing sweet relief for those in pain. His tall and sturdy body has been used for textiles, ropes, and oil. There’s so much more that he could give us if we only would allow the cultivation of his skills. We might renew our plastics and we could preserve our forests, for he is so good when he replaces wood. Why is he shunned? It’s simply for his ties with Mary Jane! But why has she been banned across the globe? She has abilities. Not psycho-active, she helps the sick. Those undergoing chemo can find relief with her; she’s antiemetic. She’s anti many things that bring us woe. Convulsions, inflammation, cancer and depression are not all she fights against. An anti-oxidant, she can relieve disorders plaguing many on this earth. They say she is the gateway to bad things, yet she is safer than our cigarettes that kill so many folks. I’ve never heard that Mary Jane directly caused a death! We let our people drink. Behind the wheel, they drive and kill, yet those who take a drive with Mary Jane are said to take things slow! Of course she is misused by high school kids, who should not dance with Mary Jane until their brains are fully formed. Yes, she might cause a temporary loss of memory, but dancing with her should not be a crime. We ought to focus on REAL criminals. To lock her lovers up? A travesty! Successful people cry for liberty of Mary Jane. They’re smart and talented. Jon Stewart, Andrew Sullivan, Phil Jackson, and Angelie Jolie, to name a few. Rush Limbaugh even needed Mary Jane To get through all his shows (I threw that in To show Republicans have loved her too, Like Sarah Palin and George W!) Ted Turner in his office dances with sweet Mary Jane, and Michael Bloomberg is quite proud to partner with her in a dance. George Clooney is her advocate. He rocks! And Morgan Freeman says he never will give up “the ganja.” Neither will one guy who danced with her since he was in his youth. This guy, named Paul, has got by very well with help from Mary Jane, his little friend! Another famous man says Mary Jane had helped him stay a human when in ‘Nam. Maya Angelou danced “with abandon” with her! Bill Gates, Rick Steve. . .the list goes on. Who better to declare that she is safe than Johnny Depp, who says that alcohol is far more dangerous. I must agree with Aniston, who said of Mary Jane: “All things in moderation.” Anything can be abused. The very food we eat leads to obesity when it’s misused. I’ve never had the pleasure of a dance with Mary Jane, but I’ll be first in line when she is legal. I’ll conclude with this: Dear Martha Stewart, I heard you could bake one mean green brownie. Where can I get one? for the "Global Poetry" Poetry Contest of Debbie Guzzi
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