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Santa's Seeing Red
------------------------------------------------------------- Santa’s Seeing Red Late one evening up at the pole Santa was watching TV He shook his head as he started for bed After seeing how people could be All night long he tossed and turned I guess he just couldn’t let go He saw a sleigh and watched burn As it sat there in the snow When he woke He realize That Christmas was actually dead He couldn’t sleep with those sugarplums Dancing inside his head, Now it’s said Santa’s seeing red That next morning, Santa was warming His hands by a fireside Someone had set the toyshop a flame But there was no one, to blame in site The elves then noticed the deer were gone Someone must have let them go But they never seemed to take noticed There were no tracks left in the snow That same day they had a feast But not a single word was said About were all the meat came from That was stuffed inside the bread, with Christmas dead Santa’s seeing red After dinner Santa stood up And laid off all of his crew He said the world was so screwed up There was nothing He could do He said that people hearts were colder Much colder than the Arctic’s air They're filled with greed, and blind to the needs Of poor people everywhere, So Father Christmas will be no more For the little girls and little boys They can say goodbye to all of those treats And all those fricken' toys, Because instead Santa’s seeing red So when the twenty-fifth rolls by You can treat it like another day Santa’s found a new hometown And a different game to play He now sits back upon a beach With women and booze he likes Forgetting about frozen toes And all of those silent nights So don’t you pout and you better watch out For that lump of coal instead You did your part now add to your cart All the things that I’ve just said, and where it’s lead To Santa’s seeing red Some say that giving is more blessed And better than to receive Santa will put you to the test And see what you believe So pass a man who’s homeless Without reaching for a little doe For what you do might follow you No matter where you go Now you’re sitting on Christmas eve Just thinking about what I’ve said You’ll all miss your shiny gifts But not the people without bread, so stay bed Cause Santa’s seeing red So don’t look at the poor folks Just look the other way And Christ won’t be the only one That’s missing on Christmas day, Just drink until you’re merry And feast until you’re full He knows that you’ve been naughty Cause he’s not gullible So when you see him on the street It’s a sight that you should dread Cause he knows all your sins And they're stored inside his head or so it’s said Santa’s seeing red Now it’s time to anti up And dig into your stash If you want him to stay quiet Better cough up a little cash And I think that you’ll remember Christmas time every year It’s time to give to Santa Or live in constant fear So you had better be real nice And kick in a little bread And you’ll better not think it twice Or your reputation will be dead, like I said Santa’s seeing red
Copyright © 2020 Jerry T Curtis. All Rights Reserved