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Dragon The Soap Opera
Dragon wants in the movies. Honestly! He's a great actor! Just look at him! Doesn’t he look so sweet and innocent... See! Told you he’s a great actor! No one in the whole wide world has a bigger heart, that continues to swell. Yeah, his chest does too. So what? Really! Just ignore that burning smell. Why do people keep coming to see Dragon with a pitchfork in their hands? Attention Everybody! He's a Dragon and not a farmer wanting to pitch hay! Are these people dense or what? Really! And NO! He doesn’t EAT hay! Now Dragon! Behave! You CAN'T chase them with their own pitchforks! Besides we need to sell them back to the store... So THEY can sell them… To those farmers that keep coming to visit, at our door. OK You guys... I wake up and write, on a roll, only once a century, so enjoy my humor… While you can... OK!… So MAYBE, I shouldn't have had that Starbucks… Cappuccino mocha coffee thing... Honestly! You'd think I would learn! Can some one please get over here and get me off the ceiling... Again! Why does Dragon keeps bringing me more coffee? Thank you, Dragon! No Dragon and I are NOT going stir crazy! Honestly! … Hey! Dragon! Quit stirring your coffee with that pitchfork, and put that kind man down! He came visiting, so treat him like company, and quit giving him a hot foot! Yeah... I did, SEE that! Silly Dragon! Now, honestly, will you just BEHAVE! And stop shaking the company while holding them up side down over your fire! No! You can't have the bling that accidentally keeps falling out of their pockets. Now show them how demurely you can behave! Just this once… for a while! Honestly Dragon! If you breathe on my credit cards one more time... I'll never be able to buy you anything for Christmas! And No! You can't melt them into cute colored lumps to sell as Christmas tree ornaments! On Ebay, No less! Really! He has such an amazing imagination! And so artistic!! Finally, The Director of the movie has learned to stop arguing with Dragon… Dragon makes a cute leading man! But WHAT? The director changed the movie… To Frankenstein? Hey! Is he the one handing out pitchforks to all those farmers? Silly Director! He's making us a fortune, when we sell them back to the store. Is that what they call making residuals… as actors? Cool! We want some more! The Director told Dragon, his next movie is going to be made under water... How’d he know Dragon can swim, and blows really hot bubbles... From both ends? Isn't he sooo talented! Don’t you think? So stay tuned... For the next episode of… The new soap opera… 'How the Dragon Flies' tomorrow... Or not... But remember that Dragon may find you, if you don't! Tho bits of good luck… To help you run, can be found, at our local ‘Dragon and Witches’ novelty store… What Now Dragon? You want me to write you into a Telenovela Next? …‘THE END’
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