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What is the Picture
What is the Picture ???, the tapestry that man has weaved, before and throughout recorded history. Of what ?, have we been lead to believe ? For me, it is, it has been an insane mystery !!!, as rivers of blood, endlessly flow. A time of anarchy, of chaos, were human kind did not know ! Humanity has been deep in loss as man clubbed his fellow man to death. Later, with weapons, he conquered earth’s length and breadth. Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Attila The Hun, Alexander The Great, Charlemagne, Pharaoh, Thutmose III, Ashoka The Great, Cyrus The Great, Ch’in Shih Huang, Augustus Caesar, William the Conqueror, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, gave humanity its fate ! Left upon the face of mankind, so deep, an ugly scar ! So many a man fallen, their stories told by their kin. Then came religions, man’s new weapon of choice. Religious leaders, in collusion, became the voice, the power, and with fear, superstition, ritual - they subdued the masses, the sheep they did corral. Many, many are sheep, dancing for the puppet masters. For thousands of years, we have been known to survive, yet have we really lived our lives, are we really alive ? We have been led by emperors, dictators, kings and queens, by religious heads, religious figures, by pharos and chiefs. Do we really know who pulls the strings ?, behind the scenes. Is it the guru’s, the philosophers, the conquers, our beliefs ?, that have taken us on this perilous journey towards hell, that have kept us deaf, dumb, blind and under their spell. These things, we will come to know in the end, but until then, come to know many, as a friend ! B. J. “A ” 2 October 31st 2014 Epilogue !!! If one wonders why mankind is of a power hungry mind ?, wants to dominate, create mankind’s fate !!! Look no further than the gods of the Old Testament, the gods of ancient India’s firmament. We were created in the likeness of the gods, they say. Neanderthal / Cro-Magnon to Homo sapiens was the way we travelled through time and space. So many changes to our race. Was genetic manipulation ?, the source of our creation. Neanderthal / Cro-Magnon’s D. N. A. infused with that of the gods, the way in which we have become like them ? Is that why we war, why we kill ? Is that were it all did stem ? Is our fate relegated to be a rill on the surface of a dead planet ? Our fate trapped in a dream catchers net. B. J. “A ” 2 October 31st 2014
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