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Canto XVIII Hell translation
In hell is called Malebolge a site Completely made of ferrous color stones As almost all the rim around looks quite. Of the malignant field the middle zones Are the seat for a well much wide and deep, Of which I will portray order it owns. The remaining band is then round and steep Between the well and the so hard bank tall, Of which ten valleys just the bottom sweep. Like, where to guard and defend the walls all More and more ditches the castles gird then, The part where are placed gives form to wall, Such way made there the image of those ten; And as toward such strongholds from their door To outer bank there are bridges again, So from top of the rocks there are stone corps Put just the banks and ditches down to cut Until they reach the well which picks them fore. Here, from back we were brought down on rut By Geryon, so we found ; and poet thus Went to the left, me back with no rebut. Saw new pitiful things at right of us, New torment and new wilders of lash, Of which the first bedlam was full with cuss. At bottom the sinners were naked as trash; From middle hither towards us they came, The same direction, but with stronger dash, As Romans their large army to acclaim, The year of jubilee, the drawbridge through Make people pass then with attentive claim, So all have their front oriented to Just the castle and to Saint Peter go, On the other side to mount their walk do. Here and there, climbing the dark stone though I saw horned demons with wips very big, Who back stroke them with strength wild and aglow. Ouch how the souls had to flee and renege The first beating! Nobody already The second expected nor the third dig. While I was going, my eyes were ready To recognize one, and I then so told: “I know this guy, my belief is steady”. I to see him my feet had to withhold; And my sweet duke then stopped his walk with me, And agreed to leave me his way to hold. And that frustrated thought hidden to be Moving down his face; but with any hope, Since I told: “You whose eyes ground try to see, If the symbols you carry with truth cope, Venedico Caccianemico then you are, But how it happened that you here grope?” And he : “Reluctantly I give answer; But I am involved by your speaking clear, Recalling me old things which happened were. I brought Ghisolabella to adhere Willing the marquis to seduce and try, For this obscene yarn now I stay here. Not only mine is from Bologna cry In fact of them this place is so much full That not as many voices tell and lie At Savena and Reno “suca” pull; And if a demonstration wish or need, Remember then how is our greedy bull”. While speaking a fiend hit him hard indeed With his lash, and told: “You must go away Pimp! Here no whores you can pay and feed”. I rejoined my guide after that astray; Then with few paces in short time we got There where a rock on bank hindered the way. Quite rapid we were to surpass this lot; And turned to right went up to the rock top, Leaving eternal circles cozy not. When we reached the place where it is the drop Open to admit the lashed souls below The duke then told: “to see, it’s time to stop, The face of these more sinners I must show, Whose visage you did not see even still Since they came with us together although”. Of the old bridge we looked the trace until We saw people coming on other side, Similarly chased by the knout with will. And the good master, by no question tied, Told : “At that great man you have now to look, Who seems to pain be indifferent denied: How regal aspect still here he took! That one is Jason, who by heart and mind The muttons to Colcos could steal and hook. He went to the Lemnon island to find The very fierce and ruthless women which Every male of their to death consigned. There with deeds and garnished words could bewitch Isifile deceived, young woman indeed Who before deceived others with a switch. Her abandoned there, pregnant, lone mislead; Such fault then to such a pain has damned him; And revenge for Medea too was decreed. With him are those who deceive, people grim; And this is enough for the valley first To know and of those who lie in this rim”. We yet were at narrow of way cursed Where the second rim is abruptly crossed, And forms with it an arch open as burst. Then we heard many people who are lost In the next circle and with muzzle puff, Self - beating and with their hands hardly toss. The banks were encrusted with a mold stuff, Due to ejection merging from there down, With which the view and nose fight and rebuff. The depth is so dark, that only facedown One has to try to look climbing to top Of arch, where is allowed seeing around. Here we came; and then at the trench drop I saw now people submerged in a shit Which seemed from humans to be done atop. And while looking there with eyes to some meet, I saw a guy with head so full of crap, That if cleric or laic he could cheat. He screemed: “Why are you so avid to trap With eyes me than any dirty else more?” And I: “Since if my mind right back can tap, I yet just saw you with dry hair before, Alex Interminey from Lucca are: For this to you I push my eyes then fore”. And he then, beating his head to answer: “ By flatteries I was submerged here So ample in my words I had by far”. After this my duke “Let now me push near” He told , “My face a little forward quite So that the face well to my eyes appear Of that filthy and dissolute woman might Who with shitty nails is self -scratching there, And now she squats or now she stands upright. She is Thais, the whore who acted unfair hers wanton asking sex “Yes it is marvelous this lure affair!” And after this our sight no more expects”
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