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THE NATURE OF THINGS THE NATURE OF THINGS Birds ATE Worms, Worms tilled Soil, Frogs ATE Flies, Bees Made Honey, Fish ATE Worms, People ATE Fish, Cats ATE Fish Butterflies and bees Pollinated. Grass Grew, and the Dandelions flew al around' all around' and Were Welcomed, Life was simple back then. Praying Mantis fought. Snails made slime. And the green grass Still grew sublime The trees bowed in dignity and neutralized the Pollutants in THE AIR... Then gave US the Oxygen we breathed, and the red clover grew all around' all around' Even the rocks did their part, Filtered the water and trickled it down, to well up Into Springs... Purified...and the red clover grew all around' all around' That was the nature of things... when men loved naturally. Until the disorder. Who ordered the disorder. If you if you do not know now. Oh well! I won't Tell --Too bad for us all. All I know, it was not that long ago OK, I Will Tell is M o N S A N TO...Monsanto! Now what are we going to do, wait for our Karmic potion? What goes around comes around... and the red clover is no longer all over- and the green grass no longer grows all around' all around'.. "Round up I would say. "Agent Orange", the other nay Every dog will have his day, stay out the way of other people’s karma. Always ring the alarm when you see or smell harm believe in your Intuition. This is my last poem In which I will speak of times, past, or will I speak of blue skies and babbling brooks. I will tell you that truth was written in books. I will speak of air raids, and braids. I will tell you how we went from Empresses and Queens to slaves, and from Stewards and Kings to our graves. I will inform you that people need to get back on the right tract. Will ask you to find your dignity and take it back. I will ask you to be vigilantes, and stand up. Before we all fall. Before no more green grass grows all-around', all-around' I would ask you to draw lines and never let anyone cross your boundaries. I would tell you that the herbs and the vegetables were our medicine, study them and get to know them again. I would implore you to question everything. You are more than able And never follow the crowd. read the labels We use to have Songs like Black and Proud, or War by war. War (uuugh) "What is it good for" I would say so much to you send this hug to you. Today I might be dead and gone, but call on my spirit I will come. Blood Sweat N Tears sang "there will be one child carry on" Know that this battle can be won. No matter what stay true, whenever in doubt Shout...the ancestors out ... We are only a dimension away. And that my friend’s is "The Nature of Things ". Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014 Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014
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