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The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness By Reg Rhodes Today, I found a key to set myself free from the nightmares of my own shattered reality. Today, with the key known as forgiveness; I will cease to languish in my own mental anguish. Today, I have set a prisoner free; much to my relief that prisoner was me. The key of forgiveness releases me from the blame I placed on myself for four arduous years. The key of forgiveness releases me from the nightmare of the pain, the shame, the endless tears. Though her infidelity was hateful. I have forgiven her, and for this I am grateful. I was an unknowing participant of her malicious reasoning. Falling victim to her planning and scheming. All the while, she had an unrecognizable look in her eyes. Her love for me had been replaced with lies. I longed to see my wife again, but it was too late. She had already been replaced by an evil being; brimming with anger, lies, deception and hate. I mourned her loss, and felt the emotion known as grief. My loving wife wouldn't return. I pleaded with God to grant me relief. I desperately needed relief, but found none. Two years mourning the loss of my wife had begun The truth would only cause me more pain and tears. She finally told me the truth; that her betrayal had gone on for 3 years. The anger and hate she had towards me; a level of betrayel beyond my comprehension. To my stunned family; those were the things I simply couldn't mention. She sneered at my suspicions, forcing me to doubt my sanity. Her actions filled me with humiliation, and stripped me of my dignity. I have forgiven myself for trusting the devil who masqueraded as my best friend, my confidente, my wife. I have forgiven myself for falling in love with her at such a young age in my life. I have forgiven her for bringing out the worst in me. I have forgiven her for compromising my sobriety, and stealing my sanity. I have forgiven her family, that despite her infidelity; continued to love her unconditionally. I have forgiven the uncompassionate ignorance of the fortunate; those who have never felt the invisible wounds that infidelity brings. To the naked eye of the naive; her hatred, anger and lust were unfathomable things. I have forgiven her friends for helping me with the relentless self blame. I have forgiven her for filling me with anger, bewilderment and shame. I have forgiven the man who aspired to dismantle my marriage and ruin my life. I have forgiven his longtime lover who was also my wife. I have forgiven myself for sheltering my sanity in the cold cave known as denial. I have forgiven her actions that robbed me of my laugh and stole my smile. I have forgiven myself; relinquishing my right to a better past. Freeing me of the self loathing at last. Ultimately, she couldn't stop her lies. I knew it was time; we would have to to sever our ties. In the name of love, I have forgiven her. I have surrendered my right to hurt her for hurting me. I have allowed a loving God back into my life; and I am once again free. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Anger, resentments and hate do not belong. With God back in my life, and daily prayer. I have been able to forgive her affair. God has shown me the sincerest, most beautiful form of love on earth. He has given me the power of foregiveness, and granted me a spiritual rebirth.
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