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Your Judas Like Tan
""Child's Play"" You go down like rain, A wishing star in disguise, You scream bloody murder -the perfect two face disgrace Your lips forever stain and reside with Benedict A Your eyes hide the truth, like a lost domain in space Darling, that will never cut what bleeds from a mother's heart My precious doll, your feathers are mourning like a flightless dove Is this to be love, standing there while I fall apart Our younger years, display nothing but love, Like the wonder years, you will remain more precious than a gem From one betrayal to another, a heart colder than winters zone That never counts as failure, when it comes to unconditional love Darling, the pain and secrets were never yours to absorb alone "My sweet darling, Let me hold you once more!" My beautiful girl, the nights grow random like sin Your mind's fast at switching grapes on a vine Fault, from a mother to son, too much exposure from the sun Insanity and sin remain, from a mother to her daughter Soaking in salt that protects me from a loaded gun A shameful way to sunbathe your skin like a shooting star My beautiful daughter, you put my heart behind bars My dearest cry baby, you're all grown up these days Sweetheart, I don't see you going home These towels will not dry The feeling of fresh flowers from the center core Your man-made drama spreads through every walkway Allowing darkness to reach the floor -- Once again the sun, has revealed your Judas like tan Your tears have flowed, one too many times Here we are, covering every bruise Raising every brow in hope everything's gone Darling, no one will love you like I do I whisper your name and wish life had nothing to misplace Sweet darling, your eyes are rolling dice A low roll of dominoes misleading everyone the wrong way This time I can't cover your mistake with a blanket, My little darling, you have gone too far Your paper dolls aren't cutting smiles from this frown I've always known your the Iscariot, Selling your soul for a mere quarter These tears were never yours to sell for at the end Our sins will have more weight than a thousand pounds of amber My beautiful darling, I forgive you every day, I want you to know, I'm Sorry about the things I had to enunciate I don't understand how easily you trampled our bed of roses Carrying over the moon in your treason white gown Darling, Mommy wants you to understand The voice of reason was for your own good The knife in my back is rusted The father clock continues to stand still Sweet child, the allusion you left behind faded long ago Contradicting your life with your infamous pretty face logo My dearest cry baby! Why the tan lotion, where's your sense of guilt? Is this another game of child's play? Darling, it's time to put them toys away "My Sweet Darling, I need to hold you once more." By: PD
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