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Cast Away All Doubt
Cast away all doubt and let happiness last You keep sugarcoating our regrets Our happiness never came to pass…I’m irritable – Was our love sublime or was it a crime? A crime? I keep lying to myself that I don’t have to pay my debts You hurt me in every way possible Was I waste of your time? You’re as sour as lime… I HAVE casted out all doubt, no doubt Why did you choose a different route? You’re the opposite of me I’m on my own, but never alone, you see? Do you see clearly? Look at my eyes and don’t pit me DON’T GRIEVE FOR ME . . . CHORUS: I will squander my time now and forever (Are you an evil, fallen angel?) Until I meet you eye to eye again Our departure came to soon…our future’s a blur (sarcasm: Oh you must be a sweet, beautiful angel –) Come on & get out of the lion’s den! Release me…I need to let go… Believe in me…reflect on me… Release me…let me go with the flow Let me grow and see…the light at the end of the tunnel There’s other fish in the sea (Random Bridge) Unchain me from feeling this envy Feeling this despondency deep in me . . . Don’t grieve for me, oh darling You were my lullaby during nightfall You were my beloved drug and now, it’s wearing… Now, it’s wearing off and I’m wearing a frown of appall There’s other fish in the sea Unchain me from feeling this envy Catch me before I fall Hear me as I call I don’t hear your echoing empathy But, I hear God’s gracious voice of serenity There’s other fish in the sea Unchain me from feeling this envy Have some sympathy, you foe Have some courtesy, you know? Who knows where the wicked winds blow? Who knows where the wistful waters flow… Everything’s gonna be alright tonight God will show us His sundrenched sight We’ll write with our might & stand tall And shed some light to all… Tonight, do take heart Don’t rip me apart Unchain me Set me free ~ Cast away all doubt…(choose another route) Please don’t hurt me Cast away all doubt without a doubt You know what I’m talkin’ about Soon, soon, you’ll see…see… You’ll see my pain… I need God’s healing, blessed rain To wash away the pain That drives me insane . . . Drain away the pain Take away the pain Devour the pain Ease the pain, Driving me insane Renew my high spirits I’m driving on another lane I’m throwin’ my childish fits Am I sane or insane? See me through the pane… See me beyond the pain Unchain me and let Him shed His healing rain instead. Cast away all doubt and let happiness last You keep sugarcoating our regrets…our misfortunate past Dismiss the ghosts of our past Run with your might…run away oh so fast ! ~ ~ ~ Cast away all doubt (with your eyes) Cast away your heart's doubt (never say your goodbyes...I won't fall for your lies - replace them with His truth and your wicked, epic lullabies... Wow, how time flies...yet I still hear your cries...) Never doubt & choose a way out Of captivity - walk with me on this route We'll walk in the sun... Let nightfall welcome the dawn... The night bows down to the dawn With open arms...with open arms...x2 Don't enchant me with your wicked charms I hope this day isn't gone... We both just need to move on.
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