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Remove Me Please
It was her birthday she was turning thirteen. It was a fun day until her father asked to baby sit for his new friends so they could all go out to party. She was scared that day she didn’t know why. She had babysat for other people before, but for some reason this was different. She just felt weird. As they were driving to the location, her father was telling her, about the people she would babysit for were new to the area and didn’t know anyone. “But dad, I really don’t want to. It’s my birthday. “She just wanted to cry. Why she had to do this she couldn’t understand. After being dropped off and meeting the parents, she thought maybe she was being silly and they were good people. After the parents had left to the party, she got the kids ready for bed, and fell asleep waiting for everyone to get home. The man woke her up with his hand on her shoulder and he was telling her to get ready he will take her home. He was telling his wife that it would take him a couple of hours to get her home and to get back. She thought about that, it didn’t seem to take her dad that long to drive to their home. Now she was getting scared again. Driving back she could not talk. Even when he spoke to her she just sat scrunched in her seat trying to make herself invisible. “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you talk? “He was demanding. It seemed to make him mad because she would not answer him. All she could think was please God help me get home, when he turned the car into the hills where the woods started. She finally found her voice. She sat straight up in the seat and screamed. “Where are we going this is not the way home?” He started laughing and when she tried to open the car door he grabbed her and hit her in the face. She was knocked out. When she woke he was on top of her, and she was crying but it did not do any good. Then his hand was around her throat, “I will kill you and your mom if you tell anyone. You will die.” After he was done with her, he took her home and dumped her on the sidewalk. He threw money at her and left. She wanted to be removed from life. To be no more! Dear Lord, Please remove me I want to be no more The time has come To make me blank Here I am Stuck in the mud Where have you gone Where am I now? Stuck in never never land The years go by The pain never stops The rose won’t bloom The miles go around and around Head spins Struggling for years Now the children are gone And what I knew was wrong When death came between us So I ask One last time REMOVE ME PLEASE! Brooke Dylan 2014 this is in answer to Poet Aiyah De Torres .. Dear Diary
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