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Dante's Divine Comedy translation CANTO IX
That color vileness painted on my face When coming back my duke to me I saw His new squeezing inside much more took place. He heedful stopped as man hearing to draw; Because his eye could not reach much far more Through the black air and too for the fog flaw. “At end we have to win this battle bore”, Started him, ”Unless…. Someone offered aid. Oh how late is other reaching this shore!”. I saw clearly well how he had to fade His speech at start when he reminded then on, Telling different words respect he made; But not less frightening gave his speech gone, Because I bethought the truncated say Probably the worst unwilled sentence con. “In this hard bottom of the mournful tray Never is who descends from the first grade, Which only for his pain no hope must pay?”. I asked this question; and he “I’m afraid It’s quite rare”, responded, “That among us Be somebody who my same journey made. It’s true that here I had one time to pass, Conspired by that Eritòn cruel indeed Who retrieved the spirits to their corpus. It was recent that my flesh was naked freed, When she allowed me enter through that wall A Giuda’s circle’s soul to keep had need. That’s the lowest and darkest place of all, And the furthest one from the turning sky; I know well the path; thus do not appall. This swamp whose stench around is very high Encircles the mournful town all around Where to go without wrath now we can’t try” And told me more, but memory I confound; Because my eye attracted full my mind Toward the tower burning top then bound, Where toward one point were fastly aligned Three hellish furies fully with blood stained, Who had members and acts female defined, And with greenest hydras looked like were chained; Small snakes and sidewinders they had as hair, So that their fierce temples were hard constrained. And he, who well recognized their despair Of the eternal weeping the wild queen, “Look”, he told me, ”The wild Erinni scare. This is Megera whose song is grim obscene; Aletto is the one crying on the right hand; Tesifon is in the middle”; and hushed serene. With nails each one hers breast there wildly panned; They stroke themselves by hands emitting cries, So high that alarmed I held the poet grand. “Medusa will make him of stone in guise”, All of them were telling while looking down; “Teseo’s assault we did not yet chastise”. “Turn back your face and cover it facedown; Because if Gorgon shows and then you see, You could never go back to upper town”. So spoke my master; and exactly he Turned me back, and did not hold my hands, Before that with his hands I covered me. Oh you who have a mind which understands, Admire the doctrine which is hidden here Under the veiling of strange verses stands. And was just coming up with waves’ smear A din of noisy sound, so full of scare That both sides were then trembling as for fear, Not so different from strongly blowing air Vehemently coming from opposite heats, Which hits the wood and no defense aware Breaks the branches, strongly strikes and out beats; Full of powder goes on and full of pride, Wild animals and shepherds to flee hits. He moved to me and told: ”Your sight now guide Up there toward that very old dirt grime And look closely where that smoke is more wide.” As frogs which seeing forward on time The adverse snake in water away flee Until each one is hidden in the slime, I saw more than thousand souls very stray To escape from one front to them whose pace Was moving on the Stix in dry foot way. He removed that sticky air from his face, Roughly moving oft ahead his left hand; And only looked jaded of that disgrace. I perceived that from heavens he was planned, And I turned to the master; and he made sign To keep me quiet and bow to his command. Oh how much to disdain looked to incline! He reached the door and with a little rod Opened it, which made no flak to resign. “Oh by heavens expelled, folks dirty sod” He started on the horrendous threshold then, “From where does come this hubris of your squad? Why do you kick against that will, you men, To which nobody can cut off the end, And many times hurted you in this fen? What does it profit against fate contend? Your Cerberus, if you remember, still Now has goiter and chin to amend” He then moved his pace toward the road ill, And didn’t speak to us, as to appear A man who aims to perform a strict will More urgent than the one of people here; And then we moved on feet above that ground, Safer after the saint words and no fear. We entered there freely and with no bound; And I, having desire of looking more The condition that fort tightens around, As I was in, my eye turned to explore: And I see everywhere a country wide, Full of pain and of vicious torment sore. As at Arli, where Rhone stagnant is tied, As at Pola, to the Carnaro close Which Italy ends and wets its coast side, The graves make ragged all the site at most So there in everywhere and part just made, Except a bitter way was shown by those; Because between the graves high flames stayed, So that they were in full completely lit, That fused iron would not require more grade. Were all open the covers of any pit, And so much mournful laments then came out, That plain was dreary people to emit. And I: “Master, of people tell me about Who, buried in those arks now we there see, With mournful sighing we can hear to shout? And he: “Here the heresy-arks must be With followers, of any sect, and much More than you think in tombs are with no plea. Similar is buried with being such, And their penalties are hot more or less” And when he turned right to go in touch, We passed through the borders of that sad mess.
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