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Dante's Divine Comedy Hell translation Canto VII
(Continuing the trip through Hell of Dante with poet Virgilio) Pah-peh Sah-tan, Pah-peh Sah-tan al-ept!”, Started Pluto with his hoarse voice toss And that gentle wise, who any knowledge kept, Told to encourage me: “don’t have a loss By your fright: since any power has he, Shall not forbid us this rock down to cross”. Then he turned to that face swollen to see, And told him: “You have to shut up, wolf damn! To consume your rage in yourself agree. A good why there is to go in this dram: It is willed up there, where Michael just Could the wild pride with revenge lam” Like the ship canvas by blowing wind thrust Fall totally wrapped, when breaks down the mast So fell to ground the cruel monster bust. So we got down in the fourth circle vast, Of the mournful bank then achieving more Where every sin of universe is massed. Ow divine justice! Where find anymore New travails and pains as the ones I saw? And why our fault reduces us so sore? Like a wave does over Cariddi raw Crashing on that which meets while rebounding, So here people fights for a tragic flaw. Here people was more than else abounding, On one part and the other, with high screams, With hard back force just heavy weights rounding. Jostled each other; and after in such reams Each one turned around, then rounding back, Screaming: “Why do you hold? And “Why joke themes?”. So they were turning in the circle black From every side to the opposing side, Shouting in turn with their ribaldry thwack; Then each one turned again, when to end lied, Through his half circle to the opposing end. And I, with my heart in pain almost tied, Told: “My master, now you some word expend About these guys, and if clergy where all These with tonsure who stay at our left trend”. And he to me: “All had of blindness fall In their minds during their previous life, That money spent or save with restraint small. Too much their voice barks with clear strife, When they reach the two parts of circle round Where are unpaired when odd faults are rife. These were clerics, who are not crowned With top hairs, popes and cardinals as well, Whose greedy stinginess had to abound” And I: “Master, among these who here fell I should be able to recognize some guys Who for certain failed in these sins for hell”. And he to me: “In vain this hope can rise: Their shameful life that made them to be dirt Renders beyond recognition their guise. Eternally these two will fight and hurt: These ones will rise again from their tomb With closed fist, the others with hairs curt. Bad giving and bad holding gave them doom To lose the heavens, forcing them to fight: Without any regard, for other words no room. Now you can see, my dear, how much is tight The use of goods which with Fortune come, To which the human beings commit quite; Since of existing gold and too the sum With ancient one, of all these weary souls What tempers their hunger could not become”. “My master”, then I told, “tell me the roles Of this Fortune which you evoked to me, What is it, which so the world’s goods controls?”. And he: “Ow humans fool to high degree, So much ignorance is offending you! Now with my sentence you must just agree. The one whose knowledge transcends any view, Created heavens and a guide them gave In order to any place the shine ensue, An even dealing out of light to save. Similarly with the human shines he made Titling general minister, guide brave Who could exchange goods of any vain grade From people to people and among breeds, The adverse will of humans to dissuade; Thus one people grows faint and other leads, Fortune judgment to follow they are bound, Which is as occult as a snake in weeds. Your knowing can make to her no rebound She provides, judges, and pursues as well Hers reign as do other gods being crowned. Hers changes are then frequent and impel: She must for necessity have great speed; Is frequent who succeeded to excel. She is the crucified often indeed Even by the ones who should her commend, Her giving blame with fault and bad read; But she is blissful and does not intend: With other prime creations has delight Turns hers sphere and is joyful with no end. Now almost we descend to major blight; Any star then already falls which rose When I first moved, and delay isn’t right”. We cut the circle at the else bank close Over a seething water source to spill Into a ditch deriving from its flows. Water was darker than its dirt to fill; And we, following the course of waves dark, Went below through a different way still. In the so called Stix quagmire as a mark Goes then this wicked stream, when it went down To the grey beaches evil to remark. And I, while closely was looking around, Saw muddy people down in that morass, Were naked all of them, with an aspect frown. These one to other hit with hands in mass, But with head and with breast and with feet too, With teeth cutting each other in contrasts. The good master told: “My dear son now you See just the souls of those by anger won; And I would also like that you sure knew That underwater sighing still goes on, Which then makes this water boiling on top, As your eye can tell you wherever spun. Steeped down in slime they tell: “Our faulty drop Had place in sweet air where is happy sun, We brought with us a very slothful flop: We are now with gloom in the black sludge spun”. This anthem they are gurgling in the throat, Since any full word from them can’t outrun”. So then we turned around the dirty moat A long way, between the pond and dried bank, Looking guys in mud cramming and no float. We reached then a tower back foot from flank
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