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Society Has Changed
Society has changed over the past decades, centuries even. What was once a peaceful world that followed one rule Is now full of hypocritical and power-hungry people, Who act all high and mighty with their fancy suits. Setting laws that go against religion, patronizing us About what’s right and wrong when in reality, They are trying to monopolize us into believing What they think is right. Ding! Don’t you get it? In the past, we were against so many things like gays. We were separated by skin color because someone believed That they were given the power to belittle others without consequence. Our parents say we aren’t allowed to drink Without realizing that they are being hypocrites Because when they were our age, they drank to their hearts content. Isn’t it funny how they tell us that Clothes that show a lot of skin is the “devil’s work” And to put more clothes on yet they design and Advertise the exact type of clothes they tell us not to wear. Funny how much of a hypocrite we are right? In today’s world, we are bound by so many rules and regulations Created by people who can’t make up their minds Because they let others influence their decisions In order to keep up appearances. They start raising and lowering standards and expectations. Treating others like animals by deciding what’s best For someone without consulting with that person first. We continue not helping others in need by turning A blind eye while knowing it’s wrong. We ignore one’s existence by giving them orders instead of respect. We live in such a cruel world. It’s so cruel that in today’s society, We have animal abuse which leads to endangered species. We have to deal with assassinations and murders, Child abuse and kidnappings. People’s beliefs and religions clash against each other. We make promises without meaning. We become arrogant, selfish, and greedy Without our realization, apologizing without sincerity. We are hypocrites within others’ minds. We cant exhibit loyalty and trust Because of past experiences. We are filled with emptiness and darkness Because we have yet to feel happiness and love. We are lost puppies within this world. So lost that we can’t tell the Difference between fake and real. We doubt our abilities, Then turn to science for acceptance. Creating and using slang affects Our learning abilities. It’s like we are against life itself By having abortions, Bullying people ‘til they can’t take it anymore, So they seek out death by committing suicide. Isn’t it ironic how they tell us to stay true to ourselves, Yet they set rules for us to follow, so No matter how you look at it, They are contradicting themselves Which makes them hypocrites right? Society has changed over the past decades, centuries even. And this is only the beginning…
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