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Divine Comedy, second canto
The day was going off, and the brown air To the terrestrial animals gave rest For their labors; and only me was there Just ready to withstand the war at best Both of the journey and of the torment, Which by my mind will be rightly expressed. O muse, o high genius, help my intent; O mind which tried to write the things I saw Here of noblesse you will show the extent. I then began: ”Poet , that guide me and draw, Look at my virtue if it has the power, Before I try the high step with no flaw. You affirm that Silvio’s father not this hour, While he was living, to immortal place Just went, and was with senses free to scour. But, if of any evil the adverse base Favored him, accounting the high effect Which had to come from him, it was the case Well worthy looking to any mind perfect; So he was of alma Rome and its domain In the empyrean heaven father elect: Both city and man, for real truth sustain, Were then chosen: Rome as the saint ground Where of Peter’s successor must remain. This going for praising him made it sound, Things were achieved which allowed after then His victory and the Pope’s mantle round. Later on went the elected Bard just when Had to give strength to the true belief Which is the principle to salvage men. But me, why should I come? Who gives motif? I’m not Aeneas, and nor Paul I am; On this is mine and others’ disbelief. Because, if to come there I do not stem, I fear that coming will prove I’m insane You’re sage; that I don’t reason you should pram” And as who wants what then has to restrain Following new thoughts with proposal change So that all things have to begin again, Similarly I did it in that obscure range Because, by thinking, I rapidly succeeded In the way which at start was to derange. “If your words I have correctly heeded”, Answered the shadow of that noble man, “Your mind to dastardliness has ceded; Which many times man hardly overran So that diverts him from any honored deed, As when see vicious beasts wrongly you can. From this alarm in order to be freed, I’ll tell you why I came and what I heard In the prime question to follow your need. I was within the ones suspended herd, When nice and blessed woman called out me, Such as to ask hers commands I preferred. Much more than stars hers eyes were bright to see; Then to talk she started gentle and low, With angelic voice, in hers language free: “O gracious soul from Mantua shiny glow, Whose worldwide fame power to stand has still And long time shall last as the world will go, The friend of mine, and not of venture skill, In the desert space is hardly entrapped So that he is giving up for scare thrill; And I fear for him to be already flapped, That the rescue from mine might be too late, As far of him from heavens I have kept. Now you must go there, and with your speech straight And giving him what needed to survive, Help him, I will be free of anguish weight. I am Beatrice and your step I drive; I come from where I want be back again; Love, making me speaking, made me revive. When I will be in front of my Lord main Often I shall praise to him your valid soul” She then got silent, and I had to explain: “O woman full of virtue , who is sole To fill for human beings any empty space Of heaven, which of less rim has its bowl, I like so much whatever is your trace That obey, if it were, it would be late; You have only to open me your case. But tell me the reason why you took the rate To descend down here in this dark center From the wide site which you dearly wait” “Since your knowledge wants so deep to enter, Will tell you in brief” , she answered then, “Why I don’t fear to bring here my mentor. We can be afraid of things but only when Show to be aggressive to others much; If not, don’t fear, they cannot hurt the men. I am a Lord’s construction, thanks God ,such, As your wretchedness cannot now me hurt Nor flame of this hot burning can me touch. Heavenly woman to tears must convert This very hard task where you I send, Compelling her a judgment to divert. She pleaded Lucia helpful commend And told her: - Now your faithful man help needs From you, and him I warmly recommend- Lucia, opposing any misdeeds, Moved, and rapid came where I was With ancient Rachele already sitting. She told:- Beatrice, true God’s laud and luz, Why don’t you help the one who loved much you, The vulgar herd so leaving for this cause? Aren’t you hearing his painful tears undue, Neither you see with death how hard his fight Goes on the flood on which sea never flew? Nobody in the world was rapid quite To have a gain or a risk to escape As I was, after such words I heard right, I came down here from my blessed agape Trusting your honest speaking good indeed Honoring you and those who caught your shape-. After these words to me wanted to cede Hers shiny eyes than moved weeping with tears Which pulled me to come with greater speed. And I came here then following hers cares: I took you off from facing up that beast Which you to climb the hill impeded airs. So: what happens? Why, why aren’t you released, Why such cowardice in your heart admit, Why your courage and baldness are not pieced, As on three blessed women you can commit Who care take of you in the heaven court, And so much good I’m talking to transmit? Like little flowers in the night chill fort Are bent and closed, after white sun light, Suddenly all open their stems are sort, Similar I did with my tired virtue slight, And so good boldness in my heart then came, That I started speaking as I was all right: “Oh indeed piteous and helpful dame! And you that soon accepted hers request With the true words which proffered in my name! You have my heart with such desire stressed So much to join you according your talk, That my previous purpose I reassessed. Since we have the same will, then start to walk: You leader, you lord and you master main”. So I told; when pace started to unlock, The path I entered savage and arcane.
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