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LIFE IN ETERNITY* 1. The cheerful trumpet of miraculous life, imperatively sounded in My mother’s life-giving womb, Heralding with its melodic tune another animation: MINE! And as my innocent infantile heart was provoked by The challenging divine call, Started beating tenderly in the rhythm of never-dying cosmos Thus making me ALIVE! 2. The promising sound was still ringing in my delicate ears, singing the Marvelously hopeful song of life, When a sound of a Second trumpet, similar to the first, filled with Its melancholic tune my tiny world, announcing the Coming of calamitous death thus condemning me to DIE! 3. LIFE and DEATH beside me they stood facing each-other, Tenderly holding my hands and claiming me as their child, Life was the first to whisper into my ears promises so many: She talked to me about joy, happiness, love and procreation, About thousands of other things that she would like to offer, Only a favor she asked in return- to be hers and only hers Forever! 4. When death heard what life said, didn’t make any sound Only sardonically smiled at her first and then to me Emphatically declared: “The cup of joy you can never drink before you empty that Of sorrow’s And no matter what life tells you, in the end you will be My very own.” 5. That’s the way my trip in this ephemeral world began With vigorous life leading and tracing the promising way While death kept following her, just a few steps behind, Patiently waiting to catch up with her pace But, As years were passing fast one after the other Death was approaching her rapidly each and every day So the fight they had begun so many years ago Relentless war now becomes with life still the winner 6. Yet the ill-fated day of my death came to my great surprise As life’s iron grasp of my hand, had lost its strength and vigor And that of death’s had gained much power and might, In vain I cried for life’s help for she had lost the battle So, the eager hands of death I felt around my skeleton waist Violently squeezing me with all their force and main, Ready to extinguish they are my very last spark of life And as the shrilling wind of death, is howling throughout my body I fall motionless, breathless, DEAD and over the ground remain 7. Yet, I am still here, just hovering all over my inanimate body, Surprised! Confused! Bewildered, nevertheless EXISTING! With no hands, no arms, no legs, no head or any other organ, Just pure thought, pure consciousness, pure light, in other words A SOUL 8. Now, to those of you who many tears of sorrow shed For my sake One thing I have to ask: Rejoice for I am truly alive Dead was I certainly, when among you existed Therefore, your grief for me should turn to great joy If you do not want me to pity you and delay my flight 9. Death, you are my savior, my friend my ally Thank you for delivering me from agony and pain From space, time, ignorance, ignominy, injustice And most of all, I thank Thee for the eternal life 10 Impatient my soul now becomes, yearns to fly away Far from human misery and every other worry The only thought that exists deep down in my soul Is to trace back its steps to its celestial home 11. Now, I fly uninterruptedly, I am on my way As the shining bright stars illumine my road The road of accomplishment, attainment and glory Ah, there at last I see the ever dazzling light The gates of eternity to open for me wide And God Himself to look at me with His ever blazing eyes Calling to hurry forward and with Him unite 12 Instantly I disappear in a universe of sacred light Joyful, happy, jubilant, ecstatic, ever-blissful And become one with the ONE, immortal everlasting Radiating with holiness, enraptured with grace A ray of divinity encompassing the COSMOS Oh, how grateful I am to you DEATH my LIBERATOR! ©Demetrios Trifiatis 16 DECEMBER 2013 *Wrote this poem for the passing on of a thirteen-year-old girl! **Because of its length I was unable to post this poem in one piece for I was not a member for life at that time therefore I published it in two parts as: Choreography of Life and as Death My Liberator. Here is the entire poem as it was originally written with minor changes. ***Myself, have thrice crossed swords with death and have felt his breath on my neck! With God's grace though I am still here!
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