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just do not have the time
n the morning as I awake tired and groggy I slowly open my eyes to start the day Although at first all I can think of is that first cup of coffee, as the cat whines for food, the husband yaps at me I notice I am not in the greatest mood Although when I wake up a little more I hear knocking on my hearts door i know it is Jesus Asking to come in I just tell him latter not now I am in a hurry don't you see Everybody else is counting on me I have so much stuff to do and just no time for you So I finish my coffee and play games on my phone An hour latter I leave home Slowly I make my way to school I toss my stuff down as I sign in I talk to my friends as they see me Come in Although within my heart once again I hear a cry Child why not spend time with me Oh can't you see I yell I am just to busy Okay okay I will wait but please hurry before it is too late you'll be waiting a long time I have too much on my mind I have lawyers, courts to deal with I have school family Friends that need me Decisions and choices to make and the voice than asked me Oh child when will you ever see All you need to do is choose is me Lord I told you I am just to busy There is too much going on in my life I don't have time to read your word I have to much strife along with all these problems ..Aha haven't you heard No child you never speak with me Remember there is never enough time in your day to kneel down on one knee and Pray to me You don't even know me and Yet you call me Lord Oh yes I do I tell you the truth Oh child you are blind You never let me lead You never give me the time When is the last time that you read my words or even gave me five minutes in your day Child child when is the last time you even prayed?Last night when I ate dinner I said grace and I read a short devotion for a few moments in church But lord I have to work You should know Lord I do spend time with you and I do pray That is when he asked For who you? What about your sister who told you things that were wrong in her life You said you would pray for her But yet you lied Oh lord Cant you see I just do not have the time I have to many things going on in my life and to many problems on my mind child I see that you really do not love me Because if you did you would be kind to others and pray daily Lord you know I have a good heart you made me in your image Child you spend all your time worshiping you That is not why I made you What do you mean I asked? Child if you love me this is what you would do You would think of others besides just you I do lord I think of them everyday Yet you do not even pray To the creator that made you Think of it have you ever had a chance to put him first Yes... Then why don't you direct your heart to thirst for him Your right I have ignored him Child just know I am with you where ever you go In your trials In your sorrows But child be careful what you put off for tomorrow or it may be too late and death than would be your fate Chose today Child and pray You have enough time in your life To make you mine
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