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Bob was the first man she had ever loved, sure she had some crushes when she was in school but nothing like she had felt with Bob. He was six years older handsome and self assured. She had just graduated and started working as a clerk at the court house. Bob had a great smile and his steel blue eyes seemed to peer into her. He was an up and coming lawyer and already was seen as a rising star. He had a reputation for being tenacious, he had persued her with that same dogged determination. They were married after three months. They had their daughter Beth eleven months later. She hadn't worked since her daughter was born. Bob seemed to prefer it that way and she seemed to enjoy the perks of his success. Life seemed perfect until about three years ago. She was not sure how long he had been fooling around but there were those strange hangups in the middle of the night. One day she had been cleaning out his pockets when doing the laundry and there was her number. When she confronted him he said she meant nothing to him and he supposedly ended it. This was to be a long string of affairs. She had gotten fed up and kicked him out about six months ago. Rodriguez asked her who he was seeing now and she had no idea. He was good at keeping secrets. I let Rodriguez know I was heading out for a break. Back in the hallway I noticed Bob was talking to an exotic looking woman. She was tall with long flowing black hair, perfect proportions and a slender athletic build. Bob seemed familiar in her presence and I witnessed that great smile his wife had described. Although the woman did not demonstrate any overt signs of attraction her eyes told me all I needed to know. After a few minutes she walked away, I followed her to the reception area. "Excuse me, can I bother you for a moment? I'm Detective Lamoureux." I'm Jasmine, nice to meet you, how may I help you?" "I noticed you were talking to Bob." "Yes, I am his personal assistant. He asked me to bring him some documents that required his signature." "Bob said that he was with you this morning at his office between 9 and 11." "Yes we were." As Jasmine answered I observed her pupils constricted ever so slightly. "I'm so glad you came down to the station, your testimony could be very important to helping us arrive at the truth regarding the fire at Bob's family home. Please take a seat and I will have an officer take Your statement." "Will this take very long?" "We will do our best to have you on your way as soon as possible." As I walked back Bob was being ushered back into the interview room. I stepped back into the viewing area. Bob was looking agitated and asked Rodriguez how long this was going to take. Rodriguez said he was almost finished. He asked Bob if he thought either his Daughter or wife could have started the fire. Bob loosened his tie and removed his jacket. There was a long pause and Bob said "I don't want to appear like a bad father but my daughter has been out of control for the last few years. She used to be such a sweet girl. She seems to be angry all the time. Maybe she is trying to get back at us." At that moment I noticed Bob's watch was missing. "Rodriguez, ask Bob where his Watch is." Rodrigues asks him and Bob says "What watch?" This is where the case broke loose. Bob didn't know Jasmine was still at the station, we searched her and found Bob's watch. Bob's watch had a cracked crystal and when we checked the crime scene we found a piece of it. The rest of the pieces of the puzzle fell neatly into place. Bob and Jasmine were lovers and wanted to begin their lives together. Bob needed the money from the house but his wife had no desire to sell it. We checked the navigation from Jasmines car and sure enough it was at Bob's house. We also checked the garbage bin at Bob's work and found a pair of shoes damaged by the accelerant he had used. Bob and Jasmine were both read their rights and the Captain reluctantly told me I did a good job. That my friend is a day in the life of a profiler. Oh and by the way Bob is representing himself in court. I don't think his chances are very good, Jasmine is our star witness. Work in progress.
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