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Popcorn Music
Pop (corn) Music Introduction It’s time to dance, time to tango There’s a Canadian on the banjo When he sees the guitar strings Jack’s mirth grows soaring wings; As he scans the rhapsody drums While busy the Banjo he strums! He strums with finger Voice doesn’t malinger! He strums with thumb He’s loud, he’s not dumb! There’s Pop Music in Poetry House Fasten belt, tighten that blouse Third Party Insurance will not help Scorched, when you start to yelp! While Archaic blows a brass horn I’m squatted munching popcorn! He blows the mad horn That the Devil can dehorn Bravura of Poetic sound Tremulous on the ground! Background Fantastic footwork by Andersen Anne Lise Compared with my hodgepodge tango style Her voluble Poetic twirls and untimely release Sent me across the floor to hurtle and fly! Supine and writhing with shyness’ disease Miss Wattle spruced my green-horned tie! As if mêlée was all but an esteemed order Sis Yvette, on her protuberant poetic drum Synchronised with Archaic’s across the Border Non-stop, the frenzied guy continues to strum Poetry flowing from the mental cam coder Raving Banjo on the mercy of Jack’s thumb! Poetry Soup is irrefutably a busy Pop House- As Cherie Thomas beats with Conductors’ stick, Wider goes Delysia Hendricks’ split blouse Furiously harping with gusto and a rare trick! To rupture of ecstasy and uproarious applause: “This kinda stuff makes this cheeky Gal tick!” You’d say he’ll suffocate where he’s trapped I mean Sir Lamoreaux in a spirally saxophone Blowing, piping poetic tremolo whilst wrapped Breathing into the constrictor’s tail a cyclone Heaving chest, yet poetic zest is not sapped! Alas! He’ll not till poetic tremor is fully done! Repeatedly blowing the Lyrical saxophone Vicky Tsiluma, intrepid Black Queen that she is, Across Kilimanjaro, waft her poetic tone With intonations of peace and human bliss In this fine cognoscenti’s vitality is borne That Lovers of Learning cannot afford to miss! Eileen Ghali with her fine and sombre heart Completed the missing link in the Poetic Pop Which she could never eschew to take part Her poetic prowess and love writ not to flop Cheerfully sang love lines on a pedestal chart, With dance sending Jack’s trousers to drop! Conclusions By sharing Poetry for free Other’s mind we start to see Lost temper, back we find In Soup we share our mind! **Dedicated to all the Soup Community members. I could have included all of could not allow. I love you all! JM 16th Oct’ 2013
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