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The City And The State Of Play Today
THE CITY AND THE STATE OF PLAY TODAY No one worries about morals today They follow the rules they create So to them all is ok Those on the outside looking in Are the only ones feeling queasy As avarice and selfishness triumphs So easily Good corporate citizens they claim to be Industry awards abound on their walls As thank you tokens from themselves Yet society harbours a lot of ill-will As it feels the often brute force of The raid Grab And destroy mentality Of people only wishing to make money Any which way While Using up all of society’s communal resources Sharks abound The waters are forever bloody as they Know no fraternity and would gladly Cannibalize anyone with no influence The ability to upend competitors A cherished characteristic In a bullish machismo drenched environment Bullet proof psyches Absorb and repel any pangs About unfairness Blocking any regulatory or chattering classes’ Attempt at nirvana and equality They employ better paid lobbyist So always have the upper hand In influencing policy The gravitational attraction of money Towards another even bigger pot of money Numbs any cautionary instinct That would take a long term view The thrill of instant riches Overpowers common sense And even decency Fat cats they all wish to be The slickness of glossy tongued lobbyist Who spin wrongs till they become rights Embolden oestrogen low males with no inbuilt brakes To take risks that eventually cost them disgrace They are champions of graft not of society Loopholes in legislation That were built in by too friendly politicians Coupled with ambiguous suits and claims Cause far reaching hardship when the good old days are long gone The villains only muster some phantom national pride When begging for a lighter sentence Some are forgiven Others fatally wounded by an unforgiving public Lots of money can be made both legally and illegally As one racket is closed another materialises instantly The conveyor belt of dishonesty Overwhelms bureaucracy Who is not David to the goliath that is money The ethos is wealth The acquisition and the maintaining of gains Not often acquired through hard work There is no limit of acceptable financial comfort For the millionaire always wants to be a billionaire And the mega rich super rich Money must always be hidden from the taxman Shareholders want tax free dividends Investors want tax breaks for buying with other people’s money Infrastructure and new runways must be built But not from the pocket of those who wish it With their hands outstretched And always wanting more and more From a government too eager to please We have a tax system geared to the advantage of party donors And non-domiciled moguls and tycoons Who know no philanthropy unless it is tax efficient Disadvantaging society by Never paying their fair and moral share The largess they reap so selfishly They wish not to share Wages are low Taxes are nil Only the investor wins as we pay his bills Fast paced expansionist dogma Is preached within city limits Only the highest paid The biggest company The greatest profits Are allowed They are held up as ideals that all who Wish to succeed must follow Gunslingers they all appear to be Rushing in to capitalize on the wanton success of their peers The cloud of misery left behind Is never seen for the look forward Never backward Hindsight is never welcomed in this parasitic environment The political will to weed out these reckless demons Is lukewarm at best The revolving door of government creating opportunities For industry and industry gratefully accepting politicians post government Ensures that self-interest is king An economy built on flawed assumptions of wealth creation Is one that must forever be in hyper-drive Creating ever expanding demand and supply That is as real as a thief’s conscience When taking the rings off a dead persons fingers Money must always be made for There is no alternative Wealth is good Poverty to them is laziness The city is not the heart and soul Of the nation It is but one player in a system skewed in its favour We all must share in the wealth of this country To ensure its longevity
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