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Everywhere "Charity" goes he brings his friend along" Sorrow ". No good deed goes unpunished so it seems; Between friends and enemies Its hard to tell the difference these days. Whispers make me listen louder.It's funny how you do not pay close attention to monotone until it's lowered into a whisper. when the whispering starts and the doors close for privacy. You can hear everything clearly you even know what the other person is saying, The pregnant pauses the cadence alone the chuckles the urgency of the private chat. Ah I know everyone needs sympathy even when they are DEAD wrong. Knowing they cannot afford to lose the persons confidence whom with they whisper with on the phone- Your whispering is the only way for me to know -That you are only sorry about me not being convinced anymore; It seems as if you are incapable of being able to be sincere or unselfish. You whisper to your friend -You've just come in and I write loudly on my paper. You hear my Keys tapping you wonder if I am rapping about you. Well yeah I am but if you were a changed character you would have come in looked me in the Eye - However reluctantly -- you would have came here-- back to the home That I shared with you -- looked me in the eye and said I am moving on - or I am sorry and will try and do better. Oh by the way you are living here out of "courtesy" not entitlement...So After I did not ask you to leave the very first time you drank and fell asleep --almost burned up my family house and then now the second time. Same thing again only this time it was fish frying - instead of the One egg boiling on medium high as you slept. After you went to sort your self out. I was left with the memories of how you were. Reminded me by the way you ran out without even bothering to clean up the mess you had made before you left. So now that you have "Found Yourself" are you ready to clean up what you left no not the kitchen ... Me. Or are you still pushing envelopes to edges-- trying to see how much more I can take --before I break. As you come home you speak on the way into your room no eye contact ;And in the hushes of the tones I listen loudly to your soft whispering on the phone. Maybe any moment you will come in and tell me how you now "see the light "-- and realize the" error of your ways ". Loudly you cough and clear throat letting the universe and me know your not well. And as I finish writing this --I feel badly and I say " hmmm " to myself " Is this Change or more ingratitude ? Well I pray that I never have to post this because finally you came in and made amends. But that didn't happen.. Now it is to late good-bye Sorrow you have to leave with Charity.
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