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Unconditional….As you can see… My infatuation for her is undeniable… So the best way to describe her… is simply undescribable… So in order for me myself and I to rest peacefully… I have to have love Unconditionally… Meaning I want to give her every piece of me and ummmm excuse me if I don’t have the decency BUT She is all I can think of as of recently oh by the way excuse my language but my tongue is the only way I can taste her ecstasy… Breathless… her lungs punctuating into mine… its not like she is killing me… I have more to live for…A True Angel So I’m creating a Heaven For Her… Lets Rewind to how it all begin… like a Oasis to my desert…she was hard to find… once I did…it had me wondering if she was real..probably an allusion BUT… STIll!!! I stayed in that desert…Lived in that desert… dreamed in that desert… only to spend more time with that mirage of her… that’s how friendship became a bond…buts that’s equivalent of how thirsty I was… But for some reason I was still holding my breath… WHY??? There were too many “Suns” looking to explore the “Center of that Universe”… And now I’m spiraling out of control…like Kanye west accident… COMA!!! But she kept pulling me in like I was a dimed light and she was the black hole… Momma told me about Unconditional Love…I didn’t listen…No true definition…but more of God’s Script to have half of the heart become whole… It’s just so damn hard to conceive it… But honestly I needed her like the air that I breathe… Live for today and not for Tomorrow… She is my Today Tomorrow and Forever… The serenity of understanding and the absence of fear made my move close to her and closer to the master… Master put us together… my last chance was my first choice… God put us together like the pieces to the puzzle… I am fortunate… To have you Girl is the words I sing to her like I was Usher and she was Chilli… Staring at her love like it was a picture and I see all of the realization of my dreams coming true… Unconditional Love Is Here… Being in that desert made everything perfectly clear… That looking into your eyes was actually me looking into my soul… tracing your silhouette body… to grasping onto your lips…Unconditional Love… There is no magic potion…no hex or spell required…No Degree…No Doctrine acquired…no formula…no recipe to make…no code words to recite or codes to be retrieved… this is love I convey to you…I convey to you… like personalized concrete made from me for you to walk on… or a second heart placed on the right side of the chest made from me for you because I knew you were right for me…Its just Unconditional love baby… For Love it’s never a question within my mind… You Are My Lady, My Queen, FOR ALL TIMES!!!
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