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You never left me
You, never, left me Parents Separated Children Sent, away Others Stray Out, of, sight To, fight A, living Misery Seemingly Very, very Wrong Everything, gone! Life Isn’t Right Past Insight A, loner Bi Polar Without Medication To, boarder Needs Sedation Any Mind Filling Stimulation Annulling His Sensations Could Cause Dramatic Fanatic Inflation Bi Polar stumbles, on The, children’s, prison Sensing Grieving He, plans, on Just Leaving Until Still… He, remembers A, daughter Once Close Loving Her, most She, could, be, in, there! No, moments For, despair Thinking Stay here! The, guards Had, no, time To, even, move Due, to BP’s, smooth Psychotic Grooves Twenty or, more Everyone Sore Then, a, familiar Voice His, preference Of, choice Follows Her, energy Vibe Straight, to The, completely Terrified He, always, knows Where, to, go A, cold, dungeon Damp, and, dark Below Her, voice Speaks Piercing Miseries Noise Annoyed Kicking Through Doors Its kids Galore! So! Everyone goes! Through The, front Hanging Smashed Doors Not, one, kid Left, back A, successful Manic Attack On, horse, and, saddle This, group, traveled Through, fields And, thickened Forest Tundra lies Just, before Dust Under the, African, stars Light Fills, bright, tonight Keeps, them In Tight Then, a, spot Thought Right For The, night These, kids, could be, the life, of, him He, doesn’t, want, a, goddamn, thing Kiss Hug Your, horses Thank, you Helps, them, feel A, little, less Cranky Tears Back Remorse Using All His, energy’s, force Through, jungles, in, the pouring, rain Not, to, mention The, constant, strain Requiring, no, attention These, kids, never, complain The, group, finds, a, stray On, their, pathway He, strolled, through Like a, snoop Too Can, we keep, him!? He, lost, his, kin So We, let him, in BP’s, eyes Circle, like, flies Thinking Something Is, shorthand Understand! A, lion, cub Brought, these, kids Lots Of Love Up, the trail, a, ways Trouble, turns, in, the, haze Pounds and, more Put, on, this, pack An, Awful Roar! The, size, of a, Lincoln, town, car! Biggest, animal He, ever, saw A, beast, of, pride We, should, really Try, to, hide He, could Definitely Kill With Chills Deciding, pride Quiet, in, grace In BP’s, daughter’s, pretty, face! He, cried She, never, moved, a, muscle With, plenty, of, reasons To, scuffle Then Lionesses Joined, in Gaze With, Lincoln His, daughter Held, strong He, seemed, to listen Like, she, belonged With, him (A, whisper) He is, not, a, pet! Cub, is, our, friend You, need, not, fret We, mean No, harm Please Call, off The, alarm Creating, smiles On, each, face Lasting, awhile For, an, awkward Space To, find, the, mothers! Cried, another Group, to, group They’ll, show Us A, better Route Lincoln Lead, the, pack He, knows The, best, ways To, track Then, suddenly A, chemical Imbalance Hits BP Rapidly As, if, in A, trance She, must, be, near It’s been Thirteen, years Since Sharing Words Kind, sincere Now BP Is, talking, to, the, birds He, has, forgotten Words Sounds More And More Disturbed What, are, you, doing, here!? Your, story, isn’t, quite, clear! Are, those, your, horses? Have, you…? Any, other, resources BP looks, back Was, there an, attack? I’m, not, well… Somebody… Please… Tell… BP, never, even, came, close To, the, children’s, post An, unconscious Decision To Steal Horses And Head for The coast And live A ghost Now Sits, in, a Roast With Mother The, most Up, real Firm… And, close No, lions No, kids No, manic Adventure Just Another, painted Pathetic Depressing Picture Delusion Stir Confusion In, my Mind I, know She’s Fine I, miss Her… All, the, time
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