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Dragon Slayer, No
Dragon Slayer! Dragon Slayer! Just say it isn’t so! Just Look at that cutesy face! Behind the scary teeth, fire, and smoke… Choke…Ah… he’s gentle to embrace! Moody, sulky, get even-ish, is truly he. But to have him, is so cool… and so hot! And, I truly do mean Hot! Fire retardant suit’s a must, as there’s fire… often, a lot! He’s just a baby, waiting to be taught. I tried to teach him, how to fly me thru the air. Instead, he dumped me in a treetop, it took all day to get down, until I despaired. To help me down, he lit the tree afire, as his wings errantly fanned the roaring flames. I jumped, and he smiled a toothy grin, because I was safe, he steadfastly claims. I’m on crutches, nearly bent his tail. But he loves me, you can tell, see he puffs at me! Grandpa Troll gives us time out, when there’s a tiff, as my dragon, is petulant, you see. At times, he sits across the lake from me, blowing fire and smoke ¾ across the lake. He’s such a sensitive thing, he took my couch to the lake, upon sitting, it did break. I got upset and called him fat…he tried to steam me, as fire is such, a No- No. For, he had learned to not throw fire… at least when Grandpa Troll is, there, tho… He needs to be first, the center of attention, seen in his cunning life’s plots, galore! He taught my Trolls a happy dance, while waiting their first boat ride. Silly Dragon! They sunk my boat! It's believed, he was getting even for being last in line, you think? And he stomped off, perturbed, when told no more rides until the boat is unsink-ed. He’d been last, for breaking my roof for another (fourth) time, but it will soon be fixed. You see, he gets lonely, while waiting for me, to come outside to play, the little minx! He CAN be hard on insurance, as I got cancelled and my bills are higher than a kite! And when the Supreme Leader of the Universe, came to our picnic on a motorbike… Dragon, accidentally, released his Dogs of War, while sitting on his Harley Bike. Honestly, the flat tires can be fixed, the body unbent, and the spokes were given back. I explained they weren’t HIS toothpicks… he truly looked sad as sad can be, at that. Never fear, we caught the Dogs of War before they had time to… do great harm. You can just imagine how great this dragon will eventually be, when all grown up. Dragon Slayer, indeed! Grandpa Troll gave him to me. He’s sweet as sweet can be!
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