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The word Democr,now days all African nations engaged in democracy together with multipartism ,such countries are Tanzania ,KENYA,UGANDA,MALAWI,ZAMBIA,MALI,GHANA e.t. HUMAN RIGHT;This is a positive effect of multiparty in democratic state of African continent,wherever there is democracy human rights ia respected by the rulling Government.such countries which respect human right under umbrella of democracy are KENYA,TANZANIA,UGANDA,BURUNDI,DRC,MALI,CHAD,SUDAN,ZAMBIA e.t.c RIGHT TO CHOICE;In ademocratic Government which undergo multipartism such as KENYA,TANZANIA,SOUTH AFRICA,UGANDA e.tcall her people have got right to choice which political party to vote or who to vote for,for example btn RAILA and KIBAKI in KENYA,or between KIKWETE and SLAA of ccm and chadema respectively;such political party to choice are such as CCM,CHADEMA,CUF,UDP,NCCR-MAGEUZI,and in SOUTH AFRICA btn ANC and opponent party RULE OF LAW;Rule of law means that nody is over the law he/she musy respect the law ,that indicates that if get with any crime ,and then after investigation he/she become a criminal the law must Take action as normal people regardless of his/her position in a rulling Government, a good example is from ex prime Liberian presiden CHALES TAYLOR,AMATUS LIYUMBA OF BOT ,EX COMMANDER OF RWANDA AND BURUN FREE AND FAIR ELECTION;In ademocratic nation such as TANZANIA,KENYA,UGANDA,ZAMBIA,SOUTH AFRICA etc,during the announcement of general election ,the process and all arrangement of it is free ,all parties representative are allowed to chech the all process,even to enter poling stations whether street or national election ,this story is elaborate more about free and fair election. CONSITUTION AMENDMENT;Due to presence of democracy in African continent ,the amendment of constitution is done by public as we know that all curren constitutions are from colonialist ,therefore the rulling Government must make changes on it in order to be current/uptodate for example when we look on TANZANIA ‘S CONSITUTION is from BRITISH, Also KENYA,UGANDA,ZAMBIA,and in other hand the old one may bring conflict as we saw in KENYA,TANZANIA . FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE;In a democratic state like TANZANIA,KENYA ,all people compare to other countries which lies on another branch of GOVERNMENT like monarch,union,for example in TANZANIA,KENYA,UGANDA,ZAMBIA,MALAWI,people are free everywhere ,they can move from one place to another,in east Africa we have the so called EAC[EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY],That include KENYA,TZ,UGANDA,RWANDA,AND BURUNDI ,All people within this cooperation are free to live any where,Apart from those positive effects ,there also some negative effects which are;- LOW DEVELOPMENT;In some some ares where there is wars like northern KIVU also may affected by poor to the majority in that place ,also agood example is northern NIGERIA is characterized by low development in deed ,southern sudan ,Somalia,mali,Rwanda and Burundi due to long term wars. CIVIL AND TRIBAL WAR;this is also one of the negative effect of democracy caused by politicians in Africa .it may rise into war due to misunderstanding among themselves as politicians or with the GOVERNMENT it may be civil war or tribal wars,for example what happed to KENYA due to 2007 general election whereby KIKUYU hate LUO,KIKUYU HATE KALENJIN ,RAILA is luo man and he won but kibaki kikuyu man denied to leave position /chair to the winner who was RAILA ODINGA,Between KABILA PRESIDENT OF DRC AND REBELS FROM RWANDA[M23] this war is civil war ,alshabab and Somali GOVERNMENT,BOKO HARAM AND NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT,REBELS OF MUSLIMS AND MALI’S GOVERNMENT,FORMER SUDAN AND SOUTHERN REBELS,UGANDA AND LORD RESISTANCE ARMY.This story may help people to change and learn how to use democracy effectively,also CHAD,CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLICAN with rebels. RELIGIUOS WARS;As what we are seeing in NIGERIA,ZANZIBAR ,KENYA , this may result in to the rise of terrorist like al queda,alshabab ,booko haram , not only this story can touch African continent but also other continents like ASIA,MIDDLE EAST,LATIN AMERICAN, FAR EAST ,EUROPE,,AUSTRALIA ,agood example is rebels tamil taiga and SRILANKA’S GOVERNMENT,INDONESIA WITH MUSLIMS REBELS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AM WENSISLAUS JOSEPH CHIMBA P.OBOX6311, MBEYA TANZANIA
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