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ABC World's Famous Scientists In History
A is for Anton van Leeuwenhoek- in his simple microscope made him well-known, B is for Benjamin Franklin who invented the electricity from the flow of electrons. C is for Curie, Marie -a woman known by her theory of radioactivity, D is for Dalton ,John -a meteorologist who developed an atomic theory. E is for Einstein, Albert in his theory of relativity and mass-energy equivalence, F is for Franz Boaz who studied human cultures through methods of science. G is for Galieleo Galilei who worked also on telescope as astronomer and physicist, H is for Heingrich Hertz who worked on the theory of lights and waves as scientist. I is for Isaac Newton who discovered the law of motion and gravitation, J is for John Logie Baird who invented one of our favorites, the television. K is for Karlheinz Brandenburg who discovered MP3 tech for our music that pleases, L is for Louie Pasteur worked on microbiology for causes and prevention of diseases. M is for Michael Faraday who had successfully invented an electric motor, N is for Neils Bohr who passed the milestone of the discovery of atomic structure. O is for Orville Wright , a scientist who successfully invented an airplane, P is for Paul Ehrlich who discovered chemotherapy for a cancer patient. Q is for Quantum Cosmology by a scientist named Hawking, Stephen, R is for Rudolf Virchow, a scientist who worked on the cell doctrine. S is for Sigmund Freud who founded the Psychology of Unconsciousness, T is for Thomas Edison whose invention on an electric bulb was a real success. U is for Universal Law of Gravitation and Motion founded by Isaac Newton, V is for Verbiest, Ferdinand-known on first car as his successful invention. W is for William Thomson, an inventor of Temperature Scale for everyone, X is for X-ray invented by a scientist named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. Y is forYoung Philosopher like Aristotle, a student of Plato at age of eighteen, Z is for Zoologist who studied marine invertebrates like Charles Darwin. Knowing some of the world’s famous scientists and their inventions, Make us smart children with all the agility of mind to take part in creations. Feb. 10, 2013 This chain of couplets was also composed for a wall post in our science rm/lab for the kids to easily memorize or familiarize with some of the world’s famous scientists and philosophers in history. I also wish to thank my dearest friend, Andrea who encouraged me to write an ABC poem like this. Huh! It made me sweat a bit! ;)) Fourth Place Contest: Z is for Zaria: An ABC Couplet Judged: 4/16/2013 Sponsor; Poet Cyndi Macmillan
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