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By Degrees
September I gazed outside with unease When I heard it will fall in the sixties. Then dad said we’ll soon be losing degrees; To me these things sounded like tragedies. Why do we have say bye to degrees? I never knew they were our enemies. Tell me the truth ‘cause I hate when you tease. I’m begging you, dad, I need to know please? I dreamed degrees were no bigger than fleas That could saddle up on the backs of bees, And buzz along in rows of twos and threes Then vanish amongst the tallest of trees. Dad replied, you’ll learn it all by degrees, So I gave up on him and asked Louise To see if she knew much about degrees. My sister said they’re in geometry. She drew a large L, and said this big cheese Is a right angle; called ninety degrees. Angles take their shape by connecting these Points together, denoted with ABC’s. Right angles were proved by Isosceles, And two of them are complimentary. Whatever this had to do with degrees Was another of life’s big mysteries. I pictured angles of many degrees Popping out from books of geometry. As gulls that appear as a flock of vees Flying above all of the seven seas. I then asked my mom, can you help me please Concerning my questions about degrees? Sure, hon, she said, see those sugar cookies They baked at three hundred fifty degrees. Oh my goodness mom, you say that all these Are as hot as the sun without a breeze? Of course not, silly, there only cookies; They’re made to raise money for charities. I thought if the sun was made of cookies? Of course I’d prefer that better than peas. But anyways, would the universe freeze? Whether out of cookies, or peas, or cheese? Since I was still puzzled about degrees I ran back upstairs, with difficulties. Knowing my brother was sick with disease, I crawled in his room on both hands and knees. Dad was there too, but his face showed worries Tom’s temp reached over one hundred degrees. So I touched his forehead, and thought, oh jeez It would melt bowls of M&M candies. I imagined if Tom had to sneeze, Would the juice burn through the land and seas? And make it all the way to the Chinese; Would it infect all their towns and cities? To Dad’s home office I went ill at ease And when dad came in I asked him if he’s Going to lower Tom’s hundred degrees? Dad said don’t worry, he has expertise. He showed me one of his MD degrees That you can earn at Universities. He said if Tom rests and catches some zees He’ll soon be totally free of disease. I thought instead of Universities I’d join the circus and learn the trapeze, Or perhaps be a clown so that I can squeeze Into a small car that runs without keys. I think on that day I learned by degrees That they can cook, and measure disease. Fit on the wall, are in geometry Yet I’m perplexed to the umpteenth degree.
Copyright © 2020 David Fisher. All Rights Reserved