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Part 1 - Life Awaited
I have a story that needs be told A story I never knew if words can transcript For it belongs when in dreams I enroll Visions before or an afterlife if I shall seek If it all shall begin… it begins with me A stranger living in a past, a stranger place to have been Another world for my eyes… a world yet to be For the voice need be deciphered for it all to mean It was past several nights ago A paled darkness I remember to have sunken into Perhaps too much of love I have enfold Or simply too much of a self I’m lesser to overrule Venturing in thoughts unrealized… unknown I am lost and alone, unloved and unworthy Behind a closed door, am I to feel at home? Needing answers for my troubled mind… needing tranquility As I began dwelling into myself nevertheless I shut away a world I have come to know too well A stranger finding a resolve, a past to rehearse Yet having found was a voice… an alternative to compel The voice has only but left me enthrall A language unheard of… perhaps of an ancient tongue And to understand… how is it I am empowered? And trailing behind, an aria from others sung “I was enchanted by those who sung… they who sing Like sylphs, like sirens… unearthly yet encompassing Did I remember being at home, behind a closed door? Or is it a dream I slumbered into for a time to recall? An hour less before midnight for an hour more before daylight Yet of thirteen bears the time I see for my hourly need to hide A truth perhaps far from disbelieve is all I’m left to see Yet… the mysterious voices promises me for what couldn’t be Like gravity… flowing without control, without life own Like a design for quivering quivers to the shivering unknown And blinded of numbered time, I allow myself this moment This moment when love isn’t at all to matter even Timeless became my life, sinking into the voices of the unholy Knowing an answer I seek no more from a world reasonably Almost a subtle caress to have perhaps felt their touch Flirting with me, toying with my soul a little too much Have they not to bring solace… I wouldn’t have believe Have they not voices as intriguing… if I can simply leave? And they sung ever on… evermore, forever to be Giving me a shade of another world unimaginable to see Perhaps nothing more from my real world I need hear Compassion for another… a self I need no longer dear Entice yet… I hear the aria softening away for another Branding into my mind till possibly shall life departs me forever For when it came, it belongs an utterly voice to articulate A much deeper sounding of another language to translate And unheard of were the words spoken in today’s tongue Yet heard were the words I somehow understood to have undone However all has come to pass, darkness returns with a familiar door Delivering me from my moment for another moment to recall An awakening for a darker side or a lighter side of life awaited I cannot know with my deliverance kept at bay of time presented And no sooner than I realize am I back in my room once more Gifted of words is all but all to reside from an ever before” “Fear is a fire To temper courage and resolve Be it desire To quench the thirst for one’s unfounded lost” That be of words left for me Spoken without teachings of today to date Yet burnt into mind was what I see A reference perhaps from a past to now relate A moment given I can still believe That moment if I am to encounter once more To explain the least for my words receive Be it a dream for the unknown to recall Has it been past several nights ago? Living in this dreaded world as a lesser self I am If it isn’t for the voice… would life I have to behold? To find a more positive side of a stranger me to befriend Perhaps I will return once more unknowingly And much I would give for this transaction be made A founded lost must I be… in search of this tranquility Surrendering to unforgiveable time if I must but await
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