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~ Punished~ One evening with her dad she met this man at a bar very handsome well mannered visiting from England. After a few visits she started feeling him approaching her with nice compliments. His attention made her fall In love with him For months he took her out running to the beach shouting out loud I love your body i love your eyes you’ll never belong to nobody but me. On a moonlight night he was holding her so tight kissing her lips caressing her tits expressing his desire to light up the fire that was burning in their entire body and soul. As he was her first this is what she thought at the beginning she was very reserved yet she liked the fire she was feeling they were new to her his kissing was sensuous he smelled lovely he was caressing her hair while sitting on the sand she was so taken by her thoughts suddenly she heard. Oh my darling let me love you my way let me make you my woman without any delay I beg you to give up and stop the fight I am promising at the same time to marry you very soon I will ask your dad that you will become my wife next Sunday at soon. She wanted to believe him her head was spinning her heart was beating to the sounds of his powerful movements she was reaching the sky so quickly sensations of ecstasy she was feeling with his compliments whispering his love to her out loud while she was dreaming of the marriage as being lifted up on a carriage listening to the horses tapping on the course to the hotel room where they will spend their honeymoon as she will become that bride at noon. Before even her dreams were over she felt him suddenly role over and ran away with no delay she could not understand why ? Why? Did he leave with no good-bye. Not realizing she was undressed hurried to get dressed ran to look from side to side asking herself why did he hide he promised me to be his bride? even if she was yet a child. She sat where they loved each other looking at the ocean maybe he will come back he must he told her he is in love. Already it was dark in a low voice having no choice she ran home straight to her room wiping her running tears and fears covering her feet to feel some heat and fell asleep not to see her dad as maybe tomorrow he will come back with an explanation to his act. Hoping not to be deceived and very soon to be relieved when he ‘ll knock on their door and swipe her off her feet tell her dad to fix their marriage. She waited for days and days but that day never came she knew then it was only a game and she`ll never see him again and will never be the same. That early morning she woke up before her dad to cheer up herself for him not to doubt she had maybe made a huge mistake. Having her coffee she pulled the newspaper and screamed Oh Oh the man she loved was an addicted rapist being searched from the Interpol in England, he had convinced everybody doctors and nurses that he was cured. Continuing to read she read his history that he was battling addiction of raping teenagers for the past twenty years. Lived most of the time in jail. She cried and cried she was raped by an addicted rapist who was never cured. She could not eat or drink not knowing what to think while running to the sink that’s when she found out but couldn’t shout that she was carrying a rapist child. Where are you? She thought you were honest But you were only an ordinary man still battling your addiction. Forgive me Oh My God! Her dad forgave her out of love to his innocent daughter. She had to keep her child and trusted herself to bring him up not like his father. And she did her son became an international lawyer. Therese Bacha 27/5/2013 Contest for PD....Any Poem Goes.
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