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Lilly and FunkunDilly
Our little Orphan Troll, named Lilly, and was always happy as a lark. She had a squirrel named FunkunDilly always ready, with fun to embark. They slept and ate together, and rolled around, playing on the ground. A happier troll you never could see, as when FukunDilly was around. I made them matching ninja suits, to practice ninja moves in the park. And the firemen let them sit up front in the fire truck to blow his horn. Everything was so very perfect, until all the birthdays came around. As we discussed the birthdays', Lilly ran to the corner to cry, for real! Lilly didn’t know when her birthday was, and just knew she’d be left out. So as I ran to poor, little Lilly, I ask FunkinDilly if she knew the date, about. She has never spoken, but the little squirrel had come with Lilly, you see… Around here, you never know, crazier things seem to happen, a lot lately. None of Trolls knew their birthdays, and all ended up sulking on the ground. I let them each pick a day, and they picked Halloween all at once, all around. They invited all their friends for… after Trick or Treating on Halloween night. I rounded up tons of cupcakes, and the biggest cake ever seen, to their delight. That night witches, elves, and fairies showed up, with even a unicorn. The weird frogs came with the bears... and all, held sparklers up in the air. It was fun to see the costumes, or at least I hoped, that’s what they were. Everyone danced around a bonfire… as the firemen laughed, and looked on. I was talking to one of my neighbors dressed as a witch, when Lilly danced by. I laughed about how happy Lilly and FunkenDilly were when playing, all the time… And I wished her mother could see the gleam of fun, which shone in her eyes. Suddenly, a flash of light! FunkenDilly turned into a Troll, right before my eyes. The witch was apologetic… for forgetting to turn Lilly’s mom back, for so long. She had found her raiding her garden, and punished her… about a year, before. Now, FunkenDilly had had so much fun… that she wanted to be turned right back. The toll for forgetting …was that she gave them both butterfly wings for the night. She may not be a Troll, but, I never worry about Lilly when FunkenDilly’s along. And the witch promised FunkunDilly, she could be a squirrel, for one more year. But about that neighbor witch… Whoa Boy! I’ll be WAY nicer from now on, ya hear! Now, I really can’t wait to make more matching outfits, for Lilly and her mom.
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