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marvin, 54
remember when recent-psycho-in-the brief-spotlight, Texas Gov. Ricky Perry, smiled at the camera in the debate o’ repuglicans & couldn’t remember the 3rd branch of government that he told the nation watching that he would eliminate once he became president? remember that this asshole had nothing to say but “oops,” after admitting to wanting to get rid of Education & Commerce---because he couldn’t think of another valuable thing to get rid of & Ron Paul sarcastically offered up, “the EPA?”--- this same man also told the nation that he had no regrets, that he “never struggled to sleep at night” with the thought that any of the over 200 more people executed in his state (than the others in the US) had been innocent--- after all, he is a proud representative of the cowboy state that had to be forced by 2,000 federal troops to finally free their slaves in 1865 & one might not be surprised to find him wearing a “don’t mess with Texas” belt buckle, when he parts his suit coat. a few nights ago, another man, Mr. Marvin Wilson, age 54, whose IQ of 61 (9 points below Texas’ own cut off of 70 which determines one is mentally retarded) did not even make a bit of difference to Mr. Perry & the bloodthirsty behind him, was executed without forensic proof or eyewitness accounts of the murder of which he was convicted of in 1992--- Marvin was a grown man who sucked his thumb, bearing many intellectual inabilities, from “telling the difference between right and left” to “handling money,” still, disregarding Atkins v. Virginia (2002), in which the Supreme Court posited that people with mental disabilities rendering them incapable of understanding their own actions, should not be executed, TEXAS DID IT ANYWAY. one wonders if conclusive DNA evidence was discovered years from now, exonerating him from the crime of which he was convicted, beyond the shadow of a doubt, would Mr. Ricky & all the repugs still sleep soundly?--- need we even take a vote? 7 are already dead in 2012 Texas, campers: 3 African-American men, 3 Hispanic men & one white guy… AND MORE ARE SCHEDULED FOR THE REMAINING MONTHS OF 2012, SO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! COME ON DOWN TO TEXAS, BRING YER’ WIFE, BRING YER’ RUGRATS & PULL UP THE BACK OF A TRUCK. “gawd” bless this “democratic” & “civilized” country of ours.
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