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Let’s just call each other Ra and Nut ok? No need to be formal here behind the pyramid. I tell you, Nut, I don’t mind having the job as top god in Egypt. After all it’s better than being rain-god in this desert. But those hieroglyphic guys spoil it all. I just don’t get no respect. Tell me about it , Ra, they rain on my parade too Like, I’m supposed to be in charge of the sun, right? (In Egypt that’s an easy job). And I kinda like you as my granddaughter, Nut (no disrespect, but you really are a nut). Man, this body-of-a-human-and-head-of-a-falcon crap has Slowed me down. I can’t fly - body’s too heavy, not aerodynamic as they say; I can’t ogle the ladies - those falcon eyes are too unfriendly. . . . . Hey fella, that beak kinda suits you. . . . bet you can crack peanuts dead easy, right? Don’t interrupt the sun god ok? So I married Ratet and we had a daughter Hathor, And you, Nut, are a descendant through Hathor. By the way, it’s no wonder they call you Nut - with all that incest. Can I get a word in edgeways Ra?. . . . . . . . Yeah, I got given the craziest name - A boy named Sue? - Ok; but a girl named Nut?! I guess my god-job is ok (I’m in charge of resurrection and rebirth – and that’s a job for life.) (Oh c’mon. . . . . Joke there, Ra baby, chill out man.) So I married My brother Geb ( almost as bad as marrying your dad. . . .don’t get me started) But Ra you’re right, the hiero-guys spoil it. They draw me with blue skin, with the body of a woman and the head of a cow. I mean. . . . a freakin cow! I’ve seen those drawings, I thought they were an improvement on reality. Like, who can read a line which goes “cat man meets dog-bird and wheat-and-corns him along the road to a lion-ship in water with a blue starry cow? Those hiero-guys should’ve been sacked long ago. (They say the Greeks have sacked their hieros, and use alphabets). Sounds good, Nut (excuse me smirking when I use your name). And what the hell does ”falcon-head guy ogles red-sheep flower-girl” suggest, Especially if she is “flying her chariot with two giant fish” at the same time? No, I reckon those hiero-guys have gotta go. Get me the phone number of those Greek alphabet geezers, will you, Nut (smirk again). . . . . . No respect. . . . . .
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