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NUKES First Stanza Clear was the day Bright was the sun The clouds were happy And the skies Azure Beleaguered the city was an aura of serenity Sparrows leaped towards the horizon Into the deep heavens The city was blissful Its oppidan denizens did their daily duties There was no presage of distress Except the trouble they had brought from their houses But like the devil came this steel hawk Charging thro the skies like an angry bull As fire blaze its tail Oh great Phoenix What do thou want? What prey do thou seek For echoes of the war was heard far beyond The Jericho walls of the city But the great Ave laid an egg Black and shiny like my grandmother’s cooking pot Some say it was mana from heaven The bird has come to feed God’s children A man said Envisioning sweeter bread than azym Alas! Silence is murdered The egg hatches follows then was the roar Mighty was the roar Mightier than 300generations Of prides of lions all at once With talons of raging fire And infernos of death I saw the astral recipe The great monster devoured the city The sun was born of the earth Young she was Yet she grew more Till she was as hugeous as the god of the titans Murderous mushroom The very Hydra Meadea’s alterego In her black eyes I saw cold cruelty Her hands were but callous like those of the hangman’s With a rock for a heart Mercy had fled from her inner thinking Oh Loki! Ancient evil Why could thou not have cometh at a better hour? Why do thou chooseth this very hour as thy Ragnarok? Why have thou waited so late? Yet so early for her Hecatomb? Hush!It is too late He Armageddon is ripe A whole tree has been raised to the dust Lost and forgotten Like the perished city of Atlantis With all its talents and treasures Still Noah sleeps For the ark was not there But we pray that we may not see yet another But can a man or beast Elucidate how something so timid can yet be so lethal From an atom to a pea From a pea to an oak tree From a little flower lying in the Elysian Fields To the mother of all chimeras Sojourning through the burning lakes of Gehenna The genius of a man conceived it Inspired by the wing footed Mercury To unlock the enchanted secrets of Mars The ultimate weapon To change the way men wore the amour And how they held the sword And to unleash eternal damnation on her foes By the smite of its glaive
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