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slammed in the slammer
Every breath is a fresh step. Forget your last step take a fresh breath. I may not walk the line. But I am designed to shine. The things I refuse are the things I should choose. Never running away. Feet anchored in the dirt, looks that will burn Thanks to all life’s lessons, All the battle scars I’ve earned. You've been warned. It’s simple and plain. I’m a living legend, Just tracking my dreams The sole member of my own hall of fame. I’ve made some foolish mistakes. Took corrective action. That gave me personal satisfaction. No reason to carry shame. Mistakes are just a pawn in life’s game. You can luv it or leave it. Get to know me and you’ll damn sure believe it. I’m the livest figure coming out of Jersey since the hurricane. To make it simple and plain. In Columbia, I’m desperate for change. I’ve got a plan, I’m persistently, persuing, perfection. Aint no grandstanding. Aint no half stepping I’m laid back in the Chevy Thoughts, so heavy. Life’s so far ahead of me. I’m just trying to, Reach... Life... It’s all Ahead of me... Either way you could love me or leave me Please me or tease me I’ll always be the P.I.M.P. Of the C.R.C. The king of N. Jeezy. I’m far from loose change You don’t have to know me All you ve got to do is see me. Fifty, aint even close to me Holes in my back, Gash that stretches down my neck through my chest. Don’t need a vest, when your blessed by the best. In the Intensive Care Unit. Doctors were ‘nt sure, but I already new it. Soon as I got hit, I new I was through it. Alexander Nelson you should’ve never pulled it. You tried to send me home, lifeless in a pine box. You must have been shocked that I didn’t even drop. Then ran two blocks to catch the cops. Hahhahahaa! Figure, Now your living in a box. Who know’s what you tried to prove. Your future is doomed. Your suffering the deepest wound. On your knees, crying like your fresh out of your mama’s womb. Cuz’ the big boys are putting their Zoom-zoom in your Boom-boom It’ll be twenty years, Get used to your tomb. When it’s dark and quiet at night. Your tucked into your cozy cell down in the pul-pits of hell Close your eyes. Listen close. You ‘ll here me chant. I’m the flyest wildest livest, survivalest. The illest one left. A. Nelson you thought you layed me to rest, but I was taking my next breath, thanks for the fresh step...
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