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The Poet Destroyer
First off Destroyer, you should thank me. The fact that I've titled this in honor of you is going to bring you much notoriety, not to mention your very much needed free publicity, provided graciously for you in this Slam from Yours Truly. Now, be a good little destroyer and listen to me. Throw in the towel now. Surrender this contest. You Have No Idea Who You Are Up Against. I'll give you a hint destroyer: "I Am The Best!" I Am Your Mentor and you, you are my better be grateful apprentice. There's much I will teach you destroyer, being that I Am The Slamming Best! So when you become big and famous make sure I get my share of the royalties or I'll continue to SLAM you relentlessly. Poet Destroyer, do you truly know what is your greatest fear? I do. You fear that my relentless Slamming of you will never ever disappear and I advise you wisely destroyer, That Is One True Likelihood To Fear. Before I'm done with you, you'll be on your hands and knees begging, "Please Kidster! Please! Stop SLAMMING me!" Do you think that one day I'll lay off and stop slamming you? Nothing could be further from the truth. I've got tons and tons of precious free time to make someone elses life MORE Miserable than is mine. I'll SLAM you right into the middle of next week. Hell, I'll SLAM you right into the oncoming years. Before I'm through with you, you'll shed many, many tears. I'll chew you up and spit you out like yesterday's phlegm and before you revive I'll SLAM you again and again, and again, and again my friend. My relentless SLAMMING of you will never end. I'll never SLAM dirty. If I did, This is what I might have said, "The best part of you dripped down your mother's leg." OUCH! I could never ever however say such a thing, even when it comes to SLAMMING, I'm still a true gentleman, and so I expect the same courtesy from you destroyer when your SLAMMING begins. Your "Words" is what first attracted me to you. I thought you were a bully. I've destroyed many of them too, but I then came to realize that your just into some SLAMMING fun. Well dear poet destroyer, Our SLAMMING has begun. * Tag! You're It! * Now do me proud my little poet destroyer friend and SLAM me back with everything you've got. I'll teach you well my little poet destroyer friend. Only Because Of Me, Will You One Day Come To Be, The One And Only True Slam Champion! (that is, IF You Can Take It my little poet destroyer chicken).
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