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Camptown Races or Eh, That's a Joke, Son!
"Camptown Races sing this song, Do Dah! Do Dah!" ( sung incessantly by a certain, unique rooster.) Henry Hawke: ( Sung to Holly Jolly Christmas:) " I'll be there and back by sunset. There's a chicken there for me! Mom and Dad will be proud, you bet! when a chicken, they'll see!" Henry: ( Sung to Arkansas Traveler:) " I think that there's a chicken, yes, indeed! No need to check, that's a chicken, yes, siree! I know that that's a chicken , yes, indeed! Even though he has a snout for pecking at the seed!" POW! ( cue woozy music.) Barnyard Dog: Hey, wait a minute, kid! Have you flipped your lid!" Henry: " I hit you a good one and I'm the winner! Now come along with me! You're what's for dinner!" Barnyard Dog: " Eh, kid.. I'm a dog, don't you get it! Now, scram! Before I make you regret it!" " Camptown races, sing this song.. I say , I say.. it's not the words, son, it's the song It kind of.. eh, moves me along, err.." Henry: " Oh, the shame! The family name! Life for me will never be the same!" Barnyard Dog: " Someone's given you the bum steer!" He looks at Henry crying. " Kind of gets you right here.. Tell ya, what, kid! I'll give you a real clucker with all the feathers! Now listen to me, the sooner the better.." Pss. psst. pss.. "Camptown Races, Uhh, oh, I say, I say.. What do we have here?! An unholy alli, alli alli, joining together. and the word is ..Beware!" I say, son! What are, what are you doing here in my little slice of paradise?!" Henry: "Ehh, Mister Cock-a-Doodle Doo.. I'd turn around if I were you!" "Heh, heh heh.. Obviously, this boy believes that I was born yesterday if not the day before! Let me lead him on a little more.." "Just what am I supposed to see, there, ehh, son? The rising moon? The setting sun? Heh, Heh, Heh.." BAM! "I, I, I think I've been way layed. I, I, better look for some shade.." PLOP! "That boy's got more nerve than a bum tooth! ehh, that's a joke, son! Miss Prissy! My my time has come too soon!" Eeee, THUD! Henry and Barnyard Dog( together.): "Geez, What a maroon!" Cue the Looney Tunes end music. (" Eer.. That's your cue, son!") " Can't find no good cartoon help these days!" THUD! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
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