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ReWeaving ReConnections
It seems unlikely Left Hemisphere's Either 100% Positive-On Or 0% Negative-Dormant circuitry Could change toward polypolarizing Right Hemisphere's Both Full And NonZero Empty CoPassion And Silent Soul feelings Devoid of unilaterally dissonant monoculturalism, monotheistic judging voices, depressing anthro-supremacism, predicating overwhelming chaos, underwhelming complexity of unnatural lose-Me/lose-We despair for fading formerly healthy memories of ecosystemic robust climates For our already wounded children and their affective climates of high lose/lose risk negatively correlated with fading win/win opportunities to rediscover great Green EcoFeminist healthcare For our future poly/mono-cultural health of LeftHemisphere rational verbal appreciation For RightHemisphere wealth of green eco-systemic regenerative resilient body-health/mind-wealth strong/flowing mountain/valley convex-ego/concave-ecology Ritualizing sacred green redeemers Prophets of holy panentheistic regenerative healthcare Composed of dynamic spiraling revolutions, emerging systems remembering lunar ecocycles of LeftHemisphere enlightenment, RightHemisphere both/and co-empathic passionate wisdom, dipolar co-arising light/dark Reweaving health/wealth ReConnecting co-empathic evolutionals like Yang/Yin liberal love/conservational mental yintegrity co-investing Left/Right in Green poly-systemic health resilience of hidden appositionals in co-operating co-passion BiPolar sexual orientations including dipolar co-arising transcendent Saints AND TransPanTheistic seductive Sinners Straight poles and transgender holes, tops and bottoms, aboves and belows, co-enlightenment and affective wise empowerment together seeking blue/green global climates of health-caring global balance In a NonZero systemic zone Open to secular holistic AND sacred panentheistic understandings overwhelming global bi-hemispheric health/wealth care both Eco/Theo-Logical ReWeaving ReConnecting ReGenerating similarities in double-negative equals positive balancing win/win optimizing resilient global healthcare openness, open wounded nest That positive Polynomial (P) worldviews LeftHemisphere dominant are also negative NotPolynomial (NP) views of RightHemisphere win/win healthy v lose/lose pathological heuristic both/and theoretical experience DiPolar co-arising liberal Yang lovers and conservational-integral GreenBeauty ecofeminist global healthcare eco/theo-logically enlightened/empowered To inter-religiously interconnect multicultural values for health with our polycultural STEAM experience of resilient green ecosystemic resilient global Open Systemic holistically healthy-wealth ReWeaving ReConnecting ReGenerating mountains/valleys convex/concave complex/chaotic holistic/empty narcissistic ZeroZone for EarthTribe's global wealthshare equivalently balancing green/blue healthcare ReConnecting ReWeaving interdependent red-blooded USA patriotism for Green MotherEarth, reconnecting reweaving sweet sacred Home.
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