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Daily at the mercy of anticipatory anxiety, hence
Daily at the mercy of anticipatory anxiety, hence... illogical and irrational obsessive compulsive exhausting rituals linkedin with cognitive dissonance (essentially unfounded worry birthed courtesy far fetched circumstances) exacts significant mental expense, which logically and rationally makes perfect figurative cents nevertheless offers assigned therapist Renee Cardone fits and starts increments (as a licensed once in a lifetime talking head) regarding helping yours truly, i.e. mister re: man. All thru mein kampf inferiority complex analogous invisible muscular heft did flex, quaking, hijacking, agonizing... jinxed irrevocable hex re: heredity did initially index courtesy Boyce and Harriet, who begat me guaranteed, fixed, decreed... courtesy accursed Lex Lucifer mortal christened Matthew Scott Harris – insinuated jackknifed, kickstarted, limned, machined, nixed, ordered... orifex encompassing hardiest inscrutable seminal entry point penetrated zona pellucida, qua Rex wrought flawed crown faulty erroneous biological code, within body electric mutation fleshed out, I lament analogous courtesy neophyte Unix programmer wannabe, yes I hedge to intimate biological event upon impregnation sent reproductive juices into action miracle whipped processes wielded unbeknownst advent, whereby subsequent cell division manifested, albeit nine months later enfant terrible asper:in, this then buffer:in newborn gent lo' within zygote, every generic ingredient already harbored yours truly characteristic weaknesses full extent unbeknownst until DNA blooper rent birthed, thence as I developed absent pronounceable kinks vis a vis trademark characteristics became present evinced thru behavioral, emotional, interpersonal, neurological aberrations costing me (lake dude...) woebegone descent wretchedness faux forfeiting every moment only recent (think today) entire existence misspent oddly enough even compromising ability to serve meant two daughters, (especially eldest) decry horrible life pent up with rage against human machine referring to paternal birth parent, whose pathetic example rent asunder psyches linked with offspring hence, I best ought to have joined a convent (ha). Twas really only late tete a tete, In life of late bloomer (scores of years ago with Battle Axe and her henchwomen), I realized fuller blown extent house zing deplorable basket case... Roman font typeface state exhibiting absolute zero scholastic quixotic poetic, opportunistic, generic, athletic... Homo sapien astride oblate spheroid devoid of any marketable skill doth resonate.
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