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The Colonies II
It justifies their predatory reigns when Godliness has touched them by the hand, and though it blood that fills the tribal veins, no God resides within the Native man. With pious tithes, eternity is bought, it validates all acquisitions schemed, through righteous claims and acquisitions sought, His touch has blessed all earthly realms redeemed. But God condemns the greed that fills a heart with beats of mere delusional conceit, and, in retort, His penance will impart as gains by such deceit ring bittersweet. True virtue and morality detest your acquisitions, gained through manifest. Your acquisitions, gained through manifest, shared not the cost of gains redeemed in war, for such a boon had drained the jeweled chest that bore the cost to sail from England’s shore. ‘Tis quite the fare that yokes the sovereign purse and must be paid to settle any due, for war is but the budgetary curse that only lets a deficit accrue. But as the fare is shouldered by the towns, egregious ire consumes a vocal tide, for ne’er a way to cast a vote abounds to let the voice of liberty decide. A silenced voice that planted freedom’s seed confirmed deceit through treaties born of greed, Confirmed deceit through treaties born of greed, left wide the door for freedoms to extend, an agile aim was scripted into deed allowing for rigidity to bend. Its purposed voice was tethered to the hearts that beat within a Nation born anew, this living creed from tyranny departs and deems to all the gift of freedom’s due. Though such a charter, precious and so rare must stand replete for all within its realm, and like a ship, one Nation must declare to let a guiding light, possess its helm. A writ of law achieved its greatest quest, though irony shall put it to the test. Though irony shall put it to the test when relevance is questioned for its tone throughout its years, resilience will attest, its text has been dissected to the bone. And, as the winds of evolution blow to course the creed and sculpt its civil law, this living code shall ever undergo relentless aim to mend its mortal flaw. For which it stands, its strength must stand devout, this mighty oak has risen through dissent, and, as the weeds of despotism sprout, for liberty, let not its roots relent. Let not this writ of Liberty concede when revolution rears to claim your deed. . When revolution rears to claim your deed, hold fast to values suffered for this day. Tenacity shall lead you to succeed and overcome travails along the way. Hold fast to change, for change is absolute, it always leads to destinies unknown, and dare to stand against the despot brute so Liberty forever shall you own. For ne’er a soul has reaped autonomy without the risk of failure in his quest, without dissent, then always shall you be conceding to a wither of oppressed. When Liberty capitulates to fear, fortunes gained shall quickly disappear Fortunes gained shall quickly disappear when diligence is countered with disdain, And, patriotic dedications veer as civil bonds holdfast to England’s reign. Such loyal ties impede the rising tide of revolution stirring ‘neath the swell, and, when one has the choice of either side, duplicity shall never serve one well. For treachery shall be the badge you wear if loyalty stays tethered to the throne, and when the rage for freedom fills the air, below hoisted gallows shall you swing. To serve the crown shall prove to be severe beneath the balance due to persevere. Beneath the balance due to persevere, let not a burdened levy wield dismay, bend not thy soul beneath the yoke of fear nor let your path to freedom go astray. Lend not your heart to sorrowed discontent nor fold to grief inequity will bring, or yield defeat to undue detriment delivered by an over ladened king, For, ‘tis thy right to harbor dire disdain for taxes waged that tender not a voice, for burdens shared in acquisitions gained the moral right of say must be your choice. And, as the hand of England seeks to quell, the wanton gains of war shall swiftly pale. The wanton gains of war shall swiftly pale to providence received in righteous ways. their pious aims let providence prevail when avarice, for Heaven’s sake, essays. As Kings engage to claim the Native’s soil, their mortal ranks confront with vast campaigns, as destiny unveils through blood and toil, it justifies their predatory reigns. Your acquisitions, gained through manifest, confirmed deceit through treaties born of greed, though irony shall put it to the test when Revolution rears to claim your deed. Fortunes gained shall quickly disappear beneath the balance due to persevere.
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