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Conceptio per Aurem--per Modum Rhythmi
or "I Also Heard 'He' Made Love to Dumbo" According to the mariological thesis of the "conceptio per aurem," Mary conceived Jesus through the ear, her virginity thus remaining intact. --ResearchGate, which had a bit of difficulty finding an eyewitness as well as an ear specialist * * * "Though illusions exist, they are not real, for when the rabbit poofs out of the magician's hat from nowhere, in reality, it poofs out the magician's hat from a concealed secret compartment." --an animal rights activist who argues the exploitation of rabbits for a children's "magic" show is irrational and thus unethical--indeed, instead of a rabbit, why not hole up your three-month-old baby inside a concealed secret compartment for awhile to amuse yourself "A jug with a concealed secret compartment is a magical prop for changing water into wine." --a rational man whose jug with a concealed secret compartment easily fools the average Saturday-night drunk at the house party before his driving home, or the typical Sunday-afternoon drunk at the tailgate party exploiting pigs on a barbecue grill before he drives your tipsy full booty home "Anybody who believes in pregnant virgins flunked sex ed." --a high school graduate who in having passed sex ed wears condoms, and refuses to engage in sexual intercourse with pregnant virgins * * * "So tell me, Mastermind, what is a 'mind'? Or yet a 'spirit,' 'soul,' or 'holy ghost'? Since faith in any concept undefined Reveals a stock IQ of 3 at most! Still I, like you, believe in 'Blirky' here-- Though even if invisible--Alas!-- 'He' ought not whisper lewdly in one's ear On coveting one's hairy virgin ass! Which being male smooth bore a jackass son-- Miraculously bucking Logic's Rules! While 'Blirky Junior'--not to be outdone-- With 'magic' wine and water Physics fools! And 'BJ' loves to brook a grave Code Blue-- (When wishes 'He' to little children 'screw')." Dedicated with Respect for children without a manger or barn to sleep in Rhyme/Shakespearean Sonnet/Dramatic Monologue January 17, 2022 "Latin Lessons" Poetry Contest Margarita Lillico
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