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New Year's Eve 2021
New Year's Eve 2021 December thirty first two thousand twenty one countdown will transparently and seamlessly stream into simultaneously linkedin January first two thousand and twenty two, whereby the Ball a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter, and weighing 11,875 pounds. The aforementioned Ball covered with a total of 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles vary in size, and range in length from 4 ¾ inches to 5 ¾ inches per side. Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will ring in 2022 on CNN's New Year's eve live sampling madding crowd regarding self promises (such as holy matrimony) pledged. Disinclination regarding tradition to make resolutions stance adopted courtesy yours truly. Though such proclamation may smack of high treason no matter convenience to season and ideal time to leaven existence, I discern no rhyme nor reason. Back in the day listening to Guy Lombardo, a Canadian-American bandleader, violinist, and hydroplane racer formed the Royal Canadians in 1924 with his brothers Carmen, Lebert, Victor, and other musicians from his hometown of London, Ontario Canada popularizing Auld Lang Syne courtesy eighteenth-century Scots poet Robert Burns. Those very poignant moments, when stroke of midnight ushered in new year (I counted, notched and tabulated sixty two since mine birth where decades now seemingly flitted by at light speed) as yours truly a doubting Thomas disbelief regarding artificial construct, nevertheless he ultimately, obliviously, and haphazardly cruises along space/time continuum at quite a clip. Primitive paradigms witnessed, sabotaged, nixed by the equivalent of caveman version qua Elon Musk, (who snubbed squalor) punctuated equilibrium inadvertently presaged, revolutionized, and upended courtesy wheelwrights millenniums before mankind scrutinized cosmic sights only from storied wuthering heights swirling maelstrom analogous to dog fights sans gods precipitating terrestrial blights, whence thus spake Zarathustra predicated upon Friedrich Nietzsche's theory when cosmic consciousness alights. E'er since Pope Gregory XIII effectively (furnished, generated, and instituted his holy mojo circa October 1582) introducing Gregorian calendar whisking Julian calendar out of vogue with fair vanity approximately four hundred thirty nine years ago chroniclers of time - mostly religious Norwegian bachelor farmers casually referred to brethren as bro invocations ejaculated sometimes prematurely - that thar comment haint no fallacy), which echoed across Lake Wobegon, said incantations devout followers among populace did likewise parrot and crow generation after generation whereupon enigmatic, dogmatic, charismatic monk native to Burma stoked one after another ego synthesizing interpretation to explain life on Earth and phenomena at large geocentric theory did ebb and flow amazingly enough maintaining accuracy with marginal probability of error precision parsing seconds, minutes, hours... would only tolerate absolute zero variation regarding prediction of weeks, months, years... as sophistication of civilization did grow allowing, enabling, and providing jolly fellow bellowing ho... ho... ho could make his round the world wide web timely trek linkedin with timepiece assembled with B Corporation approval. certification of "social and environmental performance" a private certification of for-profit companies, distinct from legal designation as Benefit corporation. The above plug an unsolicited commentary regarding San Francisco, California based eco friendly and socially conscious company and recent employer of eldest daughter, an engineering University of Pennsylvania alumna.
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