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S/he wonders why when we breathe in our left sides feel right mind dominant when our rights inside feel LeftBrain capital deviated, Dysfunctional disappointing disharmonious sad and lonely dissonant disturbed unbalanced uneased Constipated blocked trumped Stuck obstructed oppressed suppressed repressed not fluently holistically impressed, Pressured disabled disenabled feminized marginalized enslaved disempowered Unenlightened unarticulated not understanding not cooperatively experiencing co-investing in questioning Why we continue longing for bicameral win/win engagement of all our leisurely peaceful integral senses And yet yearn for vicarious "Commercial entertainment means not mindbody engaging nonverbal co-passionate dialogue" without discernable killing Time guilt for giving up on Earth health restoring justice systems Losing out on unholistic punishing blaming judging Ego inside Eco-outside dissociated distanced dissonant divisive competitive Other Stereophonic redundancy dipolar reiteration co-gravitating remembering co-arising reconnecting polycultural religioning global multicultural reimagining Feedback Win and forth Win in-between engaging formerly kinda lame introverted marginalized disabled disenfranchised Others entertaining Ego's vacationing Commercial musical sometimes vocational nature/spirit bicamerally whimsical feelings that maybe capitalistic patriarchalistic monotheistic anthrosupremacist LeftBrain dominance is too high a climate risk to continue monoculturing RightHand of StraightWhiteWestern GodHeaded supremacy Sometimes disturbingly multi-sexual, sometimes exasperatingly inter-religious, sometimes profoundly eco-political, sometimes nature/spirit indigenously co-invested Yet unspoken lyrically right circle spaced nonverbals and left lined double-binding not not healthy mind mined mimed mused Both/And dipolar questions about healthy risks and safer opportunities. S/he also wonders why LeftBrain dominant monoculturalism, like warring monopolies and terrifying angry monotheism and fear of His unfeeling monotony and capital-headed mono-monied anthrosupremacist values sound like madness marching in vicious militant politicized squares While RightMind prominent S/He polycultures feel polypathically polymathic virtuous ecological recircling potential and polyvagal music rivered flowing polyphonic inside shivered delivered energetic peace peak experience duo-potency Not so much at war dueling win/lose stuck impotency. S/he questions If thick and robust LeftBrain engagement could not possibly become more stereophonically peaceful, resonant, reiteratively co-passionate synchronic musical RightMind communal, Yet intimately at rest, vicariously imagined EarthCentric ZeroZone nonzero-sum reality remembered resilient health care opportunity Surpassing mere short-term entertainments, far more than impatient tolerance, EarthTribe sacred vocational vacations, happy every democratic healthy EarthDay, And nights reviewing BiLateral questions curiously ego/eco-systemic 1/0-zone double-boundary readjusting communications, ReCreative BiCameral consciousness of co-operating primacy for peaceful, more multiculturally inclusive co-relationship of healthy risks and EarthSafe opportunities. S/he wonders if her RightMind co-relational primacy deeply listens for and widely speaks of his LeftBrain dominant Ego capitalized ANTHROSUPREMACY entitled. When wiser win/win dialogue degenerates into win/lose debate between healthy cooperative engaging Her not-not merely questions and wealthy green opportunity competitions with PatriTheistic HiStory entertaining vengeful and jealous short-tempered egocentric supremely transcendent top of the heap Him deeply engaging more positively curious bicultural and multicultural and polyculturally integral synergetic resonant resilient health and safety answers. S/he wonders if sometimes, and perhaps always, the opposite of peaceful EarthTribe integrity is aggressive anthrosupremacist loneliness.
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